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Jul 30 2019

Peace Corps Denounced for White Saviorism

As liberalism marches ever deeper into the fever swamps of the lunatic left, nothing can remain politically correct indefinitely. Even the Peace Corps — formerly a sacred haven for maladjusted starry-eyed moonbats — now stands denounced as representing white saviorism.

From The Hill:

As a former Peace Corps teacher in Malawi, I believe that saviorism is real, pervasive and toxic. The longstanding power imbalance between the Global North and South, including bastions of white privilege in the former and atrocities of colonialism in the latter, makes the white variety of saviorism especially pernicious.

That paragraph is why I will never turn my hand to parody. How could you possibly parody a mentality that already takes self-parody to extremes of deleterious foolishness that only a moonbat could imagine?

The Peace Corps motto “Make the most of your world” turns out to be a thought crime. It implies that the world belongs to white people, and that there is something wrong with wretched Third World squalor.

These communities struggle not because of a shortage of Westerners but because of a lack of political power.

If we would just provide Uganda with nuclear weapons, we wouldn’t need any Peace Corp.

American do-gooders need “to act less like saviors and more like advocates” of perpetually rotting Third World hellholes. It would be racist, xenophobic, and Eurocentric to think that our ways are better than theirs.

Rep Ted Poe (R-TX) calls Peace Corps volunteers “our angels abroad.” He is a thought criminal, because this “overstatement” is “thick with saviorism.”

Don’t try to help anyone. Just send them your money and let the socialist dictators in charge blow it on palaces as they see fit. Meddling would be saviorist.

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