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Nov 21 2019

Perverts Gloat as the Innocent Weep

No matter how self-righteous the posturing of progressive social engineers, it is flat out wrong that a teenage girl should have to change and shower in the presence of male perverts cavorting naked in her locker room. Matt Walsh is right to be appalled:

The school board of District 211 in Illinois voted last week, in a 5 – 2 decision, to allow biological males into the female locker room at Palatine High School.

As is often the case when liberals impose lunacy, one squeaky wheel triggered the tyranny by serving as a pretext:

Nova Maday, a biological male who identifies as transgender, filed a lawsuit in 2017. The lawsuit came after a Department of Education mandate in 2015 forced Palatine High to allow boys like himself into bathrooms and locker rooms with girls. The school tried to strike a compromise, inviting the gender-confused males into girl-designated areas but setting aside a separate, private area for them to use. Maday was not happy with this compromise. He demanded access not just to the girls locker room, but to the exact same area where the girls change. His basic human rights are apparently violated in horrific fashion if he is not able to actually see girls get naked and himself get naked in front of them.

Watch Maday gloat and a real girl who has to suffer the consequences of this moonbattery fight back tears:

Note that not even this disgusting outrage is enough to satisfy militant perverts, because nothing could ever be enough. Maday crows that the sick ruling is a “first step” toward “many more steps.”

Only the truly depraved could even imagine what those steps will be. Unless there is serious pushback against the LGBT agenda, we won’t have to imagine. The steps will soon be imposed on us — or on our teenage daughters.

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