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Jan 30 2019

Pete Davidson Pushes Envelope Still Further

No one begs the question “What have we become?” quite like Pete Davidson. You may remember him as the Saturday Night Live moonbat who ridiculed Dan Crenshaw for losing an eye in Afghanistan. His latest: cracking jokes about having sex with babies.

At one point during his routine at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York, Davidson relayed a story about the time he was babysitting his friend’s child. The baby was teething. Davidson noticed the baby sucking his finger, but in “good” way he quipped.

“I don’t want to f*** this baby but he’s asking for it,” Davidson said, according to the Montreal Gazette.

Pete Davidson has repeatedly wished specific individuals dead during his “comedy” act. His trendy tattoos include one of Hillary Clinton.

People of this caliber dominate the entertainment industry. When impressionable kids turn on the TV to see what kind of world they live in, this what they see. So they conform to it. Considering that politics is downstream of culture, Democrats have reason to celebrate.

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