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Dec 24 2013

Phil Robertson Was Set Up

Evidence accrues that Phil Robertson was set up by A&E:

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson and his family believe they have been “hung out to dry” by TV network A&E after he was suspended for homophobic comments made in a magazine interview, MailOnline can reveal.

Sources within the close-knit Louisiana clan say they are convinced A&E are manipulating the controversial situation to bring them – and particularly Robertson – back into line after Television executives grew tired of the family pushing their deeply-held, Christian beliefs.

They also think the network could have done something to stop the controversial GQ article being made public, because an A&E representative was present during the interview with patriarch, Roberston, 67.

A source close to the family, who asked not to be named, told MailOnline: “You have to ask yourself, why this interview happened and why it ever became public. Someone from A&E was there and was aware of the kind of answers Phil was giving.”

A&E had to have been at least generally aware of these answers in advance, and of the questions he would give them in response to. A publication like GQ obviously would not pass up an opportunity to ensnare Robertson in some crime against political correctness that could be used to tear him down.

Duck Dynasty is the most successful show in cable in history. Why would A&E want to kill the duck that lays golden eggs? Because in the entertainment industry, ideology trumps money.

The source continues:

“It is our understanding that when the TV executives came up with the concept for the show they wanted it to be a case of people laughing at a bunch of backward rednecks.

“But when it didn’t turn out like that and people actually started identifying with the way the family behaved and were laughing with them, not at them, they became uncomfortable. It did not sit well with the New York TV types.

“We believe they were also uncomfortable with the family’s insistence that there would be a strong religious presence in the show. They knew Phil was the driving force behind this and we think they have used this situation to bring him in line so they could steer the show back down the path they originally intended for it.”

That would be something more along the lines of the less tasteful Buckwild. The intent is to denigrate rural Heartlanders, making them look as unappealing as possible.

“But they may have underestimated how united the family are and how committed they are to their beliefs. They also didn’t realize how much support Phil would get from the public, so things have backfired on them.”

The Achilles heel of our moonbat overlords is that they have no idea what is going on outside their smug bubble of ideological conformity. It would be incomprehensible to anyone at GQ or A&E that normal people would find the Robertsons appealing.

They won’t see us coming when we knock them off their throne.

Incomprehensible to liberal elitists.

On tips from Varla and Bob Roberts.

13 Responses to “Phil Robertson Was Set Up”

  1. gemalo says:

    I wondered why Phil agreed to an interview with an obviously liberal, hipster, homo magazine like GQ. He must realize who their dwindling audience is. If the above accusations are true, then A&E needs to merge with MSNBC (it’s painful to even type that) and just keep spouting commie crap.

  2. Max says:

    “suspended for homophobic comments”

    Seriously, how fuching stupid is that concept??

  3. Bo Jangles says:

    Now these insatiably greedy, liberal TV cretins have to decide which is more important, their ideology or their bottom line. I’m betting they cave and go with the $$$.

  4. JTW says:

    One has to wonder why that family ever agreed to participate in a TV show they could predict would attempt to portray them as a laughing stock, a caricature of everything the Hollywood machine wants to ridicule about American culture and Christian religiosity.

  5. TED says:

    I kept telling my wife I bet liberal heads explode every time the Robertsons set down at the dinner table and pray. I was amazed it lasted this long. A show with traditional AMERICAN values – they can’t have that, not in this country of “tolerent” liberal pukes(sarc). They will be replaced by an Iranian family that beats their women every week in the name3 of “diversity” (more sarc).

    A liberal is…

  6. Jan Snyder says:

    It’s the Jews, stupid.

  7. Dr. 9 says:

    JTW, perhaps, (and IMO) the family is so strong in their abilities and beliefs that they didn’t really care. Being smart business people, they saw an opportunity to make money from the insatiably greedy TV liberals, and took it. I’m also sure they are smart enough to know what those on the Left think of “country folk”. No, the problem here is not with this family, but with the TV cretins who clearly underestimated them, as i’m sure, most on the Left did/do.

    It kind of reminds me of something my Daddy taught me a long time ago. “Never underestimate anyone or anything. If you (over-estimate) someone, all that can happen is that you end up being disappointed. But, if you (underestimate) someone, now that could be dangerous and costly“.

  8. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    Sure, A&E is going to bring Phil “in line”…
    when Lucifer turns down the thermostat here. 👿

  9. SNuss says:

    ” ideology trumps money”. IMHO, that is a load of B.S.

    If that were true, A&E wouldn’t be running Duck Dynasty marathons, and they would have pulled Duck Dynasty merchandise off the shelves.

  10. Cave-In says:

    What to do? Boycott A&E?

    That won’t work, as they still get a nice $lice because they’re “bundled” into cable plans you pay for whether you watch them or not. It’s time for providers to let folks choose what channels they want pay for, and let them stand or fall on their own merits.

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