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Mar 18 2020

Philadelphia Police Give Looters Green Light

The Philadelphia Police Department may be taking the Wuhan virus as an opportunity to follow California (where shoplifting is effectively legal now) and New York (where demented bail reform has resulted in a crime wave) down the rabbit hole toward anarchy. An internal memorandum leaked to local media indicates that effective yesterday, those who commit any of a list of crimes will be released after their identity has been established unless they are specifically deemed to pose a threat to public safety.

The crimes include:

• All narcotics offenses

• Theft from persons

• Retail theft

• Theft from auto

• Burglary

• Vandalism

• All bench warrants

• Stolen auto

• Economic crimes (bad checks, fraud)

• Prostitution

Theoretically, a detective will follow up after the virus has passed.

As Big League Politics reports:

Such a policy could actually prove to be a looter’s best dream, as if enough citizens take advantage of the opportunities for arrest-free property crimes it’ll be all but impossible for the Philadelphia police department to follow up in weeks or possibly months and book them on account of crimes committed during the coronavirus epidemic.

We saw how little impetus was required to inspire hoarders. There is a thin line between a hoarder and a looter. Philadelphia businesses will be lucky to avoid more scenes like this.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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