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Jan 23 2017

Pictures at an Exhibition of Moonbattery

The Washington Post absurdly lies that the misnamed “Women’s Marches” on Saturday were “much larger” than the Tea Party movement, which drew tens of millions of people over a sustained period of time. For this fake news outlet to be correct, we would have to be living in a particularly vulgar mental institution. The Federalist collected photos of the lunacy on display. A few examples:






It’s not the Tea Party by a long shot, but let’s hope the women’s marches continue until women have equal rights, so that they can vote and own property and everything.

On a tip from Torcer.

33 Responses to “Pictures at an Exhibition of Moonbattery”

  1. Saxon Warrior says:

    Moonbats don’t understand what rights are. They confuse rights with privileges. Women have had rights for decades and so has just about every other social group. But unless everybody in their favored groups is fully revered, embraced, worshiped, and given lots of free stuff they see this as a form of oppression.

    What makes me laugh too is despite their so-called moral high ground, moonbats can’t stop resorting to using filth and bad language in every protest they make. That’s because they are disgusting, sexually immoral, and thoroughly repulsive!

  2. Mr. Freemarket says:

    The second to the bottom photo….a woman’s place is in the house and senate….

    Thank God that we didn’t put one in the White House this time.

  3. Mr. Freemarket says:

    BTW…I know of only one group really interesting in what goes on “down there.” And those are the Muslims who want to cut off what you seem to value most.

  4. Jester says:

    It’s a nice touch how the individual at the bottom was forced to write “TRUMP” in the corner with a magic marker at the last minute in order to repurpose a tired, old, worn out, beat up, expired 15-yr-old sign from the George Bush era; possibly older. I guess progressives *are* known for their obsession with recycling… Pretty much sums up their whole (bowel) movement in a nutshell.

  5. TrojanMan says:

    Dave in just 5 pictures you have provided all the evidence necessary to prove that this country is doomed.

  6. C. S. P. Schofield says:

    Regarding that last picture; “We’ll be happy to get the government out of your vagina. We’ll start by withdrawing federal funds from all organizations that perform abortions shall we?”

  7. DM says:

    Come on you just don’t understand the angst these poor people are going thru. They may be deprived of Food Stamps and have to actually work, what oh what will happen to their “0” phones. How will the more affluent ones go on without their illegal alien gardeners working for less than min wage. You just can’t ever understand the hardships they are facing, you have probably worked all your life and paid taxes so fail to understand the horrible burden of not knowing what to do with your time 24/7. It takes some one like hillary/soros to understand, to give them direction & a cause and now all you mean voters have taken away all their hope.

  8. JeffersonSpinningInGrave says:

    Yep, and if they want they truly want the federal government out of decisions on abortion, then it should be a state issue.

  9. StephaneDumas says:

    And Steven Crowder speak of affordable abortions comparing abortions promotors to used cars salesmen.

  10. chris black says:

    How many people brought their kids to witness this filth?
    How many public school teachers attended this lesson in leftist indoctrination?
    (I know quit a few)

  11. Wilberforce says:

    Here’s one more. Can you imagine being married to one of these crass, vulgar harpies? It’s like they never got out of the two year-old phase; all they can think of are the base bodliy functions of the human body.

  12. The Naked Genius © says:

    Can someone explain why it’s always the absolute most unfvckable “women” that scream loudest for abortion rights? Just how many submarines with screen doors are there?

  13. TED says:

    MANDITORY in ALL Kalifornia schools…

  14. TED says:

    MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, If you would QUIT sticking your “TWAT” in everyone’s faces it wouldn’t get disturbed… Top sign does NOT apply, ESPECIALLY, in Muslim countries, ROTFLMAO!!! funny HOW YOU WANT “THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM” BUT WANT IT TO pay FOR everything YOU DO IN IT!!!?!!!

  15. TED says: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  16. TED says:
    Too bad they closed the CIRCUS…

  17. StephaneDumas says:

    I spotted that video taken at LA March where a guy drop some truth bombs to a SJW.

    And a bit more about the March, the folks who financed it, here some links and a Youtube video from the News Newd Network.

    And twisting ironic to see Vox (not VoxDay but that Vox) decided to spill the beans about Linda Sarsour who fought for Muslim holidays in NYC,

    before organizing the Women’s March on Washington.

  18. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Somebody have Big Joe’s phone number? I want to invite him to have a beer or two!

  19. Eddie_Valiant says:

    They’re screaming that they WISHED their parents had abortion rights — and exercised them!

  20. Eddie_Valiant says:

    Ha ha…you said withdraw!

  21. Saxon Warrior says:

    Yes, I see what you mean. Only Hillary could know what it’s like to do no real work and get paid zillions for doing it. Ordering people about and yelling at them while you get fat from your Clinton foundation money is only something a true ‘socialist’ would understand.
    I stand corrected. I vote we give Blacks, Feminists, and transsexuals more free stuff NOW, and kill anybody who disagrees with us.

    With love, not hate….. of course.

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