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Dec 15 2019

Piglets Sue in Germany

Male piglets are often castrated to avoid a nasty smell from cooking pork, called “boar taint.” For reasons of cost and efficiency, this is often done without anesthetic. The piglets don’t like it, so they have gone to court in Germany:

The German parliament outlawed castration without pain relief in 2013 but it offered farmers a five-year transition period to help them adapt to the change — a timeline that was extended last year until 2021.

This does not satisfy PETA militants, who filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court, with piglets as the plaintiffs. The implications go beyond castration.

“Non-human entities like companies and associations have legal personhood. So why not animals too?” said lawyer Cornelia Ziehm, who is supporting PETA in representing the piglets in court.

The objective is full human rights for animals. This would make eating a strip of bacon the equivalent of cannibalism. Animal rights activists have made it clear that they want the normal human diet, which includes meat, to be illegal.

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