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Jun 08 2019

Plain View Project Hits Phoenix

As mentioned earlier, the Plain View Project is an initiative launched by Philadelphia lawyer Emily Baker-White to sniff out police officers who have expressed right-of-center opinions on social media and expose them as thought criminals, likely destroying their careers. The damage caused by this witch hunt has been nationwide. From here in Phoenix:

The group flagged 179 posts by current Phoenix officers which it says promoted racism, bigotry or violence. …

Many of the posts were memes that mocked minorities or religious groups, including Muslims.

Intersectional Police Chief Jeri Williams has already banished some of the cops to nonenforcement assignments, and promises a thorough investigation.

Moonbat Mayor Kate Gallego has been quick to capitalize, barking righteously,

“There is no context in which these statements are acceptable. This city has absolutely no place for hate.”

The City Councilman representing my own district provides a breath of fresh air.

Sal DiCiccio said, “much of this only rises to the level of ‘hate’ if you’re a liberal snowflake.”

Adds the highly esteemed countermoonbat,

“We need to judge people on their actions, understand that free speech is messy and stop trying to stifle and persecute people for having opinions we don’t like.”

Unfortunately, DiCiccio is swimming against a ferocious current of leftist censorship. After cops lose the right to express any conservative opinion online, the rest of us will follow.

The end goal of social media censorship is for each of us who has not guzzled the liberal Kool-Aid to think he or she is all alone.

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