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Nov 22 2011

Poland Honors Ronaldus Maximus

Maybe there’s hope on the other side of oligarchical collectivism. Poland has experienced the nightmare we’ve been plunging into. Liberated from communism, Poles appreciate those who deserve appreciation:


Lech Walesa said that there would not be a free Poland without Ronald Reagan, during the unveiling of a statue in Warsaw of the late American president on Monday.

The former Solidarity leader said that “as a participant in these events,” it was “inconceivable” that such changes would have come about without the last American president during the post-1945 cold-war era. …

The bronze statue of Reagan has been installed not far from the American Embassy, on Ujazdowskie Avenue, one of the capital’s most picturesque thoroughfares.

A statement from President Barack Obama was read out to the guests attending the ceremony, which said that: “The location of this monument is a fitting reminder of the close ties between the American and Polish people, and a tribute to the strong support the United States gave Poland during its long struggle to free itself from communist rule”.

Speaking of Obama and communist rule, our current president has knifed Poland in the back by withdrawing a missile defense shield it was counting on.

Meanwhile, this is how Reagan’s memory is treated by moonbats in the state the Gipper served as Governor:


…and look what we find up the coast in liberal Seattle:

lenin seattle

If we survive our self-inflicted descent into socialism without permanently degenerating into a race of parasites and slaves, more of us will look back on Reagan — and Lenin — the way Poles do.

On a tip from SR.

17 Responses to “Poland Honors Ronaldus Maximus”

  1. 762x51 says:

    Talk to almost anyone from that part of the world and they will tell you how big a mistake America is making. I know a number of Russians and Eastern Europeans, including my daughter-in-law and her family, who simply cannot believe that this is happening here. They have zero respect for the OWS vermin much less our vile Marxist president.

  2. 762x51 says:

    BTW, the people I referred to to in my previous post ALL immigrated here legally, learned to speak English AND attained citizenship.

    Compared to friends of Obama who do NONE of the above.

  3. I know such people as well, and with the same experience… they think the US is nuts, which of course it pretty much is to have installed this vile regime in the first place

    What wonderful news from Warsaw tho, and my Polish half is proud and would like a drink to celebrate… my Irish half will of course have no problem with that

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Not sure why they made it look like Reagan had a huge molten right hand.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Ironically, one day Americans may be fleeing to Poland to live in freedom.

  6. wingmann says:

    Winston Smith says:
    November 22, 2011 at 11:40 am Not sure why they made it look like Reagan had a huge molten right hand.

    If you have ever seen the movie district 9,you will know that is his weapon…’cept in the movie the weapon was on his left hand.

    ALL the comments are spot on…we have ALLOWED this to happen to us.
    Time to revive our Constitution.

    HAD ENOUGH YET ? ? ?

  7. Jester says:

    One of the two guys responsible for converting me from a liberal into a conservative had been born & raised in Soviet Poland.

  8. 556x45 says:

    762×51, my family and I migrated from the “Eastern Blocc” in the early 90’s (all of us are US citizens for some time now) and I can tell you that is a rather common mindset for people who came to the States from that region. They simply had enough of socialism back in their countries of birth and experienced what is happening here first hand.

    Nice tag btw =)

  9. chuck in st paul says:

    Can we trade Mexifornia for Poland? Please…!?!

  10. rjp says:

    You forgot to post a picture of our Chairman Mao Tse King Jr memorial.

  11. Air2air says:

    Dave that is an excellent post that tells a poignant story eloquently and powerfully.

  12. Mickey Shea says:

    I live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which is a predominantly
    Polish neighborhood. Ever since moving here, I have been
    impressed with them. They are hardworking, religious,
    good neighbors, and have a sense of quiet dignity.
    You’d have to look pretty hard to find cases of moonbattery in this community.

  13. Justin says:

    Of course Poland is thankful for Reagan, he saved their asses from the commies in the Soviet Union. If only the Russians could see it. Of course, they hate communism. Pope John Paul II should have a statue, too. His divine blessings beat the evil godless commie atheists. The Catholic Church helped destroy Communism. Maybe that’s why the far-left hates them, too. By vilifying all their priests as pedophiles and all that is destroying the Church from within, because liberals hate opposition you know.

    Poland loves Reagan for all time. Where the hell is a Pope John Paul II statue?

  14. lvb-rocks says:

    Have you watched “Nine Days That Changed the World”? JPII is rightly revered beyond words in Poland. The merging of these two men at the right time in history is remarkable, even miraculous. Whatever great things the Poles think about Reagan, you can bet your last dollar that they hold Blessed John Paul II on an entirely greater level. Reagan provided the proper support for Poland, but JPII alone provided the true enthusiasm (en + theos — from God) for them to stand up to the evil that is Communism. Somehow the Soviets knew they were facing an unbeatable force the very moment Karol Wojtyla became pope. Watch the video.

  15. fozzy says:

    @ lvb-rocks

    If you get a chance read “The President, the Pope, and the Prime Minister” by John O’Sullivan

    It’s a great look at Reagan, John Paul II, and Thatcher, the three strongest champions for freedom and western civilization during the ’80s and the relationships between them.

  16. lvb-rocks says:

    Thanks, fozzy. I’ve heard of the book but haven’t read it.

    Justin makes the point that the Catholic Church opposes Communism. Exactly right. But many people think that the Church is a front for communism or at least socialism. I could go on and on about how false that notion is. Suffice it to say that Catholicism and Communism hold diametrically opposed concepts of the nature of man that are impossible to reconcile. Anyway, the Church is really not much different than America, is it? Both have been infiltrated by Leftists, and both now have the appearance of being fundamentally liberal/socialist/progressive.

  17. Jeff says:

    lvb-rocks, I concur with you regarding the points you made. Permit me to add another, the other if not primary reason why the left hates the Church is a question of whom you will give your alligance to: the Lord or the State. This is not new. The Romans persecuted and killed the early Christians was bacause they would not worship ceaser as a god. The Left demands the the people look to the State as their savior.

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