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Jan 23 2020

Polar Bears Are in Decline, but Only as an Icon

The polar bear is in decline — not as a species, but as an icon. Leftists have used them as a propaganda tool by convincing people that these ferocious beasts, which actually hunt down humans to eat them, are cuddly and adorable, and that global warming caused by insufficiently restricted human activity will cause them to perish by melting arctic ice. However, the lies employed to sanctify polar bears as victims are coming unraveled.


In May of 2008 the US Fish and Wildlife Service listed the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, predicting that polar bear populations would decline by two thirds as the sea ice they rely on for hunting continued to shrink. This conclusion was not based on numbers observed but were put on the list by mathematical models woven from thin air. The actual numbers observed during these years showed the opposite to be true.

That is, where sea ice has retreated, this has not had an adverse effect on polar bears.

The real facts of the matter are that polar bear populations are increasing and that the regions with the greatest ice loss are thriving. Susan Crockford, considered to be among the world’s leading experts on this species, reports from a recent study, that the current population of between 22,000 and 31,000 is the highest it has been in the past 50 years.

The liberal establishment was so enraged by Susan Crockford’s findings regarding polar bears that it purged her from the University of Victoria.

Not only are polar bears flourishing, they are flourishing more where there is less ice.

The Chukchi Sea has lost twice as much ice as the Beaufort Sea in recent decades of slight warming. While researchers supported by the global warming alarmists had expected to find that the polar bears in the Chukchi Sea would have suffered as a result, they found the opposite to be true. The females in the Chukchi Sea were on average 70 pounds heavier and the males 110 pounds heavier than those in the Beaufort Sea.

Chukchi Sea polar bears have also been producing larger litters with heavier babies.

It appears that like virtually every other lifeform on the planet, including humans, polar bears benefit from warmer weather.

Deplatforming scientists like Dr Crockford will not keep reality hidden from the public indefinitely. As an icon of the global warming hoax, the polar bear has no future. Fortunately for moonbats, they can exploit Greta Thunberg as a replacement.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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