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Sep 14 2013

Police Chief Suspended for Meeting With Sheriff Joe on His Own Time

The ultimate honor for a patriot is to be a pariah among liberals. This story gives an idea of the extent to which this honor has been achieved by America’s toughest sheriff, Joe Arpaio:

The Grantville, Georgia Police Chief has been suspended for a week – without pay – merely for visiting Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio during his vacation.

Chief Doug Jordan and his wife planned a recent trip to Arizona to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They had honeymooned there 31 years ago. They paid for the trip and its expenses themselves.

While there, Jordan thought it would be a great idea to see if he could meet with Arpaio. He was honored when Arpaio agreed to do so.

“I meet with people from all over the country,” said Arpaio. “I have an open door policy, and he wanted to see me along with his lovely wife. He wanted to pick my brain and was hoping to go back to his home and fight the drug problems there.” Arpaio was a DEA official for 25 years in Argentina, Turkey, Mexico and Arizona; and 20 years fighting Mexican cartels as Maricopa Sheriff, so he knows a thing or two about fighting crime.

Following their meeting, Jordan expressed his hopes to establish Grantville’s own drug team. He also expressed interest in having some of his officers travel to Arizona for training.

This did not sit well with moonbats among the city council. Barked council member Johnny Cooks:

“I was not very pleased by it. I was not in support of it. I am not in support of this kind of news by police officers representing the Grantville uniform without the council or city manager’s approval.”


After a closed personnel session at Monday’s Grantville City Council meeting, Jordan was suspended for a calendar week without pay for violating the city manager’s policy of reporting anything that is not routine. The city council voted 2-1 to suspend Jordan, while 2 of its members, including the mayor himself, were also on vacation.

Characteristically, Sheriff Joe has offered to travel to Georgia to defend his fellow law enforcement professional.

The good news for Grantville is that it should now have no trouble acquiring federal funds, given how vehemently Arpaio is hated by the Obama Regime for enforcing immigration law.

johnny cooks
Crooks voted to suspend Chief Jordan.

On a tip from Wiggins.

19 Responses to “Police Chief Suspended for Meeting With Sheriff Joe on His Own Time”

  1. gemalo says:

    Here ya go–let these boneheads know how you feel about this travesty:
    I’m more upset about where Obummer goes on vacation, since he’s doing it on MY dime, and making things worse instead of trying to improve things.

  2. ODA315 says:

    Buckwheat at 50.

  3. Flu-Bird says:

    That what comes from having a communists pig in the whitehouse

  4. Tax Slave says:

    California to Raise Minimum Wage by 25%
    Minimum Wage Employment to Drop by 25%
    Illegal Alien Employment to Increase by 25%

  5. Gary Benson says:

    A stupid black man. I’m shocked.

  6. generic inoffensive nickname says:

    Gary dat be wayciss and I’m offended. (sniffle)

  7. chronos the wonder pig says:

    geez, even a first year law student or a community organizer could win this law suit…..

  8. Chicken Pickens says:

    Ironically, he could have vacationed in Germany, visited Dachau and nothing would be said.

  9. Jenkem? It's the Shit says:

    hee hee otay ODA315.

  10. ed357 says:


    sounds like with the adults on vacations…..

    Willis pushed some progressive thuggery through the council.

  11. RayNAiken says:

    Recall them now! Especially if they have travelled to meet with the likes of race baiters like Al (Tawany Bradley) Sharpton and Jesse (shake down) Jackson.

  12. Son of Taz says:

    Undoubtedly, the councilman is a graduate of the public education system.

    Hang on patriots, it’s going to be a tough one First we have to dispose of the twerps at

  13. Flu-Bird says:

    Now i,ll bet if he had met with race baiter and leftists scum Tracy Martin he would have been rewarded by Obama the Fink

  14. 150,000 minority turn voting age every month says:

    arpaio is a racist who arrest women with children for the crime of trying to feed their familys and some of these abandoned children have been sexually abused and even killed. We will get arpaio soon! The mayor wants to be on the winning side not in a re-education camp(if your lucky) with you!

  15. Rotohammer says:

    Now Johnny, Chief Jordan is not going to fix your parking tickets any more if you make a fuss like this. Be sure to drive the speed limit and keep your brake lights and turn signals in good working order, or some officers might pull you over for a little civics lesson. I’d love to see that on Youtube.

  16. AnalogMan says:

    I found this story incredible, even bizarre, until I saw the photo. Then it all became clear. And yes, that’s racist. Reality is that way.

  17. creeper says:

    gemalo, thanks for the link. e-mail protest sent, FWIW.

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