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Feb 27 2019

Police Defend Antifa from Reporter

One reason Antifa goons have been able to flourish at the expense of public safety on the Left Coast (and in NYC) is that the authorities side with them. It isn’t just infamous Portland. From Seattle:

Independent conservative journalist Saleem Juma traveled to Washington University’s campus in Seattle to film an Antifa protest that featured black bloc protesters holding signs reading “Fight Capitalism”, “Blue Lives Murder”, “Bigots Out”, and featuring hammers and sickles.

Eventually, Seattle police asked Juma to leave the area, explaining that his presence as a journalist was creating an unsafe space for the protest.

We certainly wouldn’t want to ruin the public safe spaces of goons known for their violent rampages.

After first being asked to leave by one officer, Juma responded “See the thing is, officer, we’re actually legally allowed to come to these protests and ask questions,” and noted the several times when protesters crowded his personal space that he recorded on video.

What Juma failed to realize is that exposing their intimidation tactics might make the thugs feel unsafe.

Officers ignored his attempts to explain that the militant moonbats were the aggressors.

By this point the protesters were loudly chanting anti-police slogans as the officers attempted to help them by removing a journalist from the scene.

Then another cop came over, accused him of “creating additional anxiety” on the part of the Antifa brownshirts, and put the kibosh on reporting on the protest.

Somebody in City Hall must really like Antifa, just like in Portland.

Hat tip: Whatfinger.

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