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May 29 2020

Police Investigate 7-Year-Old’s Toy Gun After Zoom Call

Flu Manchu mania has made it obvious that the moonbattery-infested USA of 2020 is fertile ground for totalitarianism. We have been encouraged to rat each other out for minor infractions against ludicrous and unconstitutional decrees. As noted at NRA-ILA,

This trend is made all the worse by the fact that people are getting an unprecedented glimpse into each others’ homes through pervasive online video conferences now being used to facilitate activities like work, school, and religious worship.

This became a problem for Sheila Perez Smith of Pennsylvania, the mother of a 7-year-old first grader who had recently been given a plastic toy gun. He had it next to him, though he was not playing with it, as he took part in a Zoom call with his classmates.

After the call concluded, the family received an email from the child’s teacher “basically saying that another parent of another classmate had been very uncomfortable by the fact that the gun had been in view of the Zoom call.”

The annoying email was only the beginning.

Within a couple of hours, Perez Smith said, an officer from the Hampden Township Police Department came to their home and asked the family to step outside so he could question them about a complaint involving a child and a gun.

It was a TOY GUN. The family had no actual firearms.

A Pop Tart chewed into the vague shape of a gun evoked a similar reaction in a case involving another 7-year-old.

Despite the lecture Perez Smith received from the police about children and firearms, this has nothing to do with safety. The issue is that video-conferencing allowed a moonbat to see a toy gun in someone else’s home, and the moonbat didn’t like it, because guns are unclean according to progressive ideology.

That’s not all that liberals regard as unclean.

Indeed, officious busybodies are being encouraged not only to report violations of public health orders but to call out perceived violations of political correctness during “virtual meetings.” An article providing advice from two professors at state public universities warned that the sight of wedding pictures and references to fun family activities during online meetings can be construed as “microaggressions.” Strategies to counter these offenses, they counseled, include “calling out microaggressions when they occur, whether “naming [them] on the spot” or taking action after the fact.

The existence of happy, normal families constitutes a threat to progressive social engineering schemes — as does the concept of guns in private hands.

On a tip from Straight Shootr.

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