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Jul 07 2019

Police Thrown Out of Tempe Starbucks

The campaign to demoralize police officers here in the Phoenix area, which went into overdrive with the recent family shoplifting affair and the Plain View Project unmasking of social media thought crimes, marches forward. Officers were asked to leave a Tempe Starbucks because a customer “did not feel safe” with them present:

Five officers were drinking coffee at the Starbucks location prior to their shift beginning when a barista asked them to move out of the complaining customer’s line of sight or else leave, the Tempe Officers Association wrote in a series of Twitter messages.

Two of the officers are veterans. This happened on the Fourth of July.

Neither the barista nor the customer who allegedly complained were identified.

That the complainant is a person of politically preferred pigmentation is nearly certain. According to the liberal narrative, police are somehow a threat to them, as if their neighborhoods would be safer with no police. After Philadelphia police were called on two troublemakers of color who refused to either buy something or leave, Starbucks went into a prolonged spasm of politically correct groveling, opening the restrooms to bums and junkies and closing 8,000 locations while imposing Cultural Marxist brainwashing (aka “racial bias training”) on the employees.

Ironically, requesting that the officers leave proves that the reason for wanting them to leave is pure B.S. The complainant wouldn’t dare make such a request if police were evil thugs like the media and Democrat politicians ask us to believe.

More irony: if the criminal class that police allegedly oppress hold up this Starbucks, the employee in question will waste no time calling the police; nor will the police waste any time putting their lives on the line in response to the call, even knowing how little their service is appreciated.

Still more irony: the troublemakers who set off the brouhaha in Philadelphia by refusing to abide by the rules are effusively and obsequiously welcome by penitent Starbucks. Police officers who help them to enforce rules so as to maintain public safety for the customers, not so much.

Weirdly, no matter how despicably Starbucks wallows in moonbattery, customers keep coming back.

On a tip from Byron.

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