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Feb 27 2020

Polyamorous Offspring Will Be Raised Nonbinary

Now that social engineers have decreed that marriage is no longer what it has always been, the possibilities are endless. Polyamorous mom Brittany Taylor moves the ball forward by declaring that she and her two partners will raise their offspring to be neither male nor female.

Via Daily Mail:

A mother who is in a relationship with both a man and another woman has revealed how she is raising her baby to be genderless – while sharing co-parenting duties with both of her live-in partners.

Brittany Taylor, 32, from Rhode Island, has been in an open relationship with her nine-month-old baby’s father Conor McMillen, 36, from California, for more than four years, after meeting him at a health festival in New York.

Baby Ilya is to be referred to with nonbinary pronouns. Good thing the kid has three parents, because multiple incomes will be required to pay the psychiatrist bills.

Family arrangements will continue to get ever sicker and weirder, with the avid encouragement of the media, until either society collapses into a squirming orgy of depraved copulating animals or someone starts pushing back.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

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