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Mar 30 2019

Pop Culture Has Hit a Dead End

It isn’t your imagination. Pop culture really is getting worse each year. That’s why you see teenagers wearing t-shirts for bands their grandparents listened to. Imagine anyone in the 1970s doing that. The same applies to the mediocre, derivative, repackaged garbage on TV and at the theater. Soon it will reach the point of absolutely worthless absurdity that we see in modern art. The mainstream culture is trying to survive by eating its own corpse.

As Paul Joseph Watson puts it:

“Our culture is being diluted to meet the demands of deranged NPC thought police and drugged-up, listless, pacified consumers.”

More on the current state of decay and its causes:

No wonder entertainers try to validate themselves by spewing unhinged moonbattery, just like Democrat presidential candidates. They certainly aren’t going to do it with their talent. Movies lacking any actual merit are distinguished by their diversity — again like Dem candidates. Our moribund pop culture and the Democrat Party are two symptoms of the same disease.

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