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May 21 2019

Pope Francis Denounces National Sovereignty

Pope Francis has blessed us with a revelation. It won’t come to many as a surprise. He reveals that the global warming hoax is a power grab intended to establish global governance at the expense of independent nations:

Pope Francis said that a “special authority legally and concordantly constituted” was necessary to facilitate the implementation of new climate change policies.

He went on to demand that power be transferred from nation states to “intergovernmental institutions that manage their common interests.”

By intergovernmental he means supranational — like the EU and worse yet the UN. If nations continue to be sovereign, they might protect the interests of the people who live in them. This would impede the far left’s agenda regarding centralizing power and eradicating capitalism in the name of the global warming hoax, as well as blending white majority countries into the Third World.

On a tip from Lyle.

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