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Jan 18 2019

Portland City Commissioner Denounces White Men

Everyone has a right to be heard in a democracy — except noncompliant white guys. They need to shut up. Because privilege. Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty explains.

She denounces “disruptions” at City Council meetings, which she said in a press release “seem to be caused largely by a small group of white men who use their privilege to: Act disruptive, Act disrespectful, Act self-centered.”

Lest anyone miss the point that they are to be defined as white men, Hardesty drives it home repeatedly.

“The reality is that they are white men who think it is their job to come in and disrupt city council,” Hardesty told KOIN 6 News…

Hardesty, a former activist who looks the part, just started on the Council at the beginning of the year. She remembers what it is like not to be in power and want to be heard. However,

“As someone who has spent time a lot of time on the other side of this podium demanding accountability, I find it chilling and disrespectful that there are a few white men who think that everything this council does is about them. It isn’t.”

Nothing is about white men anymore. Except the Two Minutes Hate.

Hardesty denounced Oregon for being “a state built on white supremacy” and scolded the disruptive white guys who speak up at meetings, snarling, “you should be aware that using your privilege in this way cannot continue.”

Behaving obnoxiously at City Council meetings is bad, but evidently being white is worse.

Asked if he believes race is a part of this issue, Mayor Ted Wheeler told KOIN, “Jo Ann is factually correct.”

Wheeler is a white guy himself. But he is also a moonbat, who obediently says what is politically correct. That makes all the difference.

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