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Feb 05 2018

Portland Considers New Tax to Adjust Global Temperature

Like money, moonbattery is fungible. Say a city imposes a new tax on the pretense that it will use the money to reduce global temperatures. Global temperatures don’t need reducing; nor would the moonbats running Portland be able to alter global temperatures by one iota no matter how high they raise taxes. But that’s okay with liberals, so long as the money still goes to moonbattery:

Portland voters could get the chance this fall to weigh in on a proposed tax on sales at powerhouse national retailers operating inside city limits. The surcharge is intended to fund initiatives to put a dent in global climate change. …

The petition would amend city code to apply a 1 percent tax to all Portland sales by large corporations except medicine, health care and certain groceries.

Consumers would pick up the tab. Here’s where their money would go:

Revenue generated by the tax would be deposited in a fund earmarked for renewable energy projects, environmentally friendly construction and green sector job training targeted at people of color, women, the disabled and chronically unemployed.

They would use the money for the supposed benefit of all residents, except that failing to exclude normal white males would be racist and sexist.

The petition’s backers are organized via a group called the Portland Just Energy Transition Initiative, which boasts dozens of local member organizations involved in climate and civil rights advocacy.

The climate side is for green energy boondoggles used to enrich those with friends in high places. The civil rights side is to forcibly redistribute wealth to those belonging to politically preferred identity groups. Whether the looters bark about the climate or about civil rights, moonbattery is moonbattery.

On a tip from Dave F.

18 Responses to “Portland Considers New Tax to Adjust Global Temperature”

  1. Jack Bauer says:

    Carbon taxes are what the whole globull warming ruse is all about.
    Portland moonbats are just frustrated that it hasn’t been implemented worldwide yet, so they are taking matters into their own lying, greedy hands and imposing their own confiscation of local wealth. All the while, knowing that it will have absolutely no impact on climate.

  2. magic1114 says:

    They should just put a box in front of city hall and require each resident of Portland to walk by at least once a day to throw some money into it. Portland is a city of morons…

  3. Grumpy Cat says:

    “…except medicine, health care and certain groceries.”

    You mean like tofu, quinoa, granola, fat free lactose free nutrition free “milk”? Certainly not something as evil as meat?

  4. Swordie says:

    Ah yes, the only way we can stop Global Warming is to give government more money and power. Seems legit.

  5. OldSailor says:

    This tax would also help to drive more businesses out of the city. Then the moonbats will cry about how mean old Trump isn’t doing anything about the job situation in their “fair” city.

  6. Kevin R. says:

    Graft and rent-seeking have become very artful.

  7. Brian says:

    The real motive behind all this irrationality is punishment & reward. These people have internalized the notion that they will receive rewards for their asinine slanted views. Or punishment (usually ostracism) for other views. It’s all very radical until you scrutinize the underlying psychology and then you see it: a gang of thumb suckers, up on their hind legs for moralistic treats. Liv-a-snap! Up, doggy! Up! Dominance through submission. Nietzsche tagged that a century and a half ago.

  8. Jack Bauer says:

    You’re right of course. And isn’t it amazing that moonbats just never seem to get that correlation?
    Lefties think by imposing more and more taxes upon business, that they are sticking it to the “corporate robber barons” who simply have the extra money they need to pay those taxes, sitting in a vault in the back room.
    Will they ever understand that businesses don’t pay taxes? Taxes are viewed as any other recurring business expense (payroll, supplies, utilities, etc.) And just like those other expenses, when the expenses go up, the business has to charge more for their product or service. In other words, who really pays for that added tax?
    Answer: Got a mirror?

    As you correctly pointed out, this price hike,due to increased taxes, makes a business noncompetitive as compared to a business that doesn’t have to pay the goofy tax. Potentially, they force the business to leave the area, and open up shop somewhere else, or risk having them going out of business entirely. Either way, unemployment in the area goes up, and tax revenues from workers income taxes dry up, because jobs are lost.

    It’s just not that complicated, yet they never seem to get it!

  9. George Young says:

    When no large box retailers are left in Portlandia, and the local business center turns into a waste land, unemployment will go through the roof, and they will cry for investors to save them. I hope those cry’s fall on deaf ears, and portlandia goes into the trash can of history.

  10. Frank says:

    “Revenue generated by the tax would be deposited in a fund earmarked for
    renewable energy projects, environmentally friendly construction and
    green sector job training targeted at people of color, women, the
    disabled and chronically unemployed.”

    The idiots are creating their own version of the hopelessly wasteful federal 8(a) Program, which requires contracts by given to “small, disadvantaged, minority owned businesses” to nurture them. Those businesses gorge at the taxpayers’ trough for 5 years, after which they “graduate” from the program. Nearly all of them fold as soon as their final federal contract expires, then go back into business the next day under a different name and get back in the program for another 5 years. I’d feel sorry for the citizens of Portland and other jurisdictions that elect idiotic liberals/democRATs if their wounds weren’t self-inflicted.

  11. Frank says:

    The New York City cigarette tax is illustrative of the process of increasing taxation producing falling revenue. More illegal cigarettes are sold with each tax increase. At some point, the tax will hit $1,000,000,000 per pack and nobody will buy it.

  12. damon says:

    It is going to be fun watching all of the businesses move out of that city.

  13. […] post Portland Considers New Tax to Adjust Global Temperature appeared first on GOV’T […]

  14. A Croft says:

    A tax on nothing, designed to accomplish nothing.

    Now that is pretty darn clever of the politicians. And very stupid of voters.

  15. grayjohn says:

    Portland is ass cancer.

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  17. Swordie says:

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