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Apr 04 2019

Portland Hate Hoax Mania

Hate crimes recently exploded in Portland. Experience suggests that they are hoaxes. The New York Post reports:

[In February], Sophia Gabrielle Stanford was at the center of a fundraising campaign. The GoFundMe page described the trans activist as a victim of a “brutal and aggressively blatant hate crime” in which assailants had beaten her unconscious with a bat in southeast Portland.

Emergency services had found Stanford on the sidewalk with scrapes to his [I’m assuming “Sophia” is a guy] face and knuckles, smelling of alcohol. Apparently, he had drunkenly fallen and hit his head. The responding officer reports that Stanford threatened,

“If you don’t treat me right, my people will get you.”

“My people” would refer to militant sexual deviants, who have used crybully tactics to establish themselves as more equal than the other animals.

Hate hoaxes do more than exert power on behalf of identity groups. They can also turn a nice profit. Stanford wasn’t in the hospital long enough for police to give him belongings he lost during the incident — and yet:

The GoFundMe page stated that Stanford had suffered a “serious concussion” and would need intensive physical therapy, CT scans and counseling.

A bias crimes unit investigated, but could not substantiate Stanford’s claims. Nonetheless, he raked in about $10,000.

This set off local copycats. One week after Stanford’s drunken stumble,

Jenny Bruso, a self-described fat-queer activist, posted a claim on Facebook and Twitter that echoed Stanford’s harrowing story. She said that her partner, Brie Jones, was attacked by “two young white men” in a maroon SUV who pulled up beside her at a busy intersection, called her a homophobic slur and threw a full can of beer at her face.

Yet no one witnessed the attack.

When Bruso’s post went viral on Facebook and commenters raised questions about the incident, she deleted the post.

According to Portland police, there is no case number for the alleged incident. Bruso hostilely rejected attempts to learn more.

Portland became awash in transphobic hate crimes:

[T]he number of alleged hate attacks ballooned through uncorroborated and vague online rumors. These stories were then amplified by progressive media, nonprofit groups, businesses and politicians.

Militant deviants and their allies exploited the wave of fake violence to work themselves into a lather of belligerent victimhood. The Proud Boys were blamed for imaginary attacks that were not reported to police, yet included kidnapping and murder

“These are the faces of the attackers that have been terrorizing the queer/trans community lately. If you see any of these faces in public, hit them with a brick, because the police don’t do anything to stop it,” read one widely shared post on Instagram. It included a group photo of the men and names.

This constitutes incitement to violence. Artificially posing as a victim is an increasingly aggressive act these days.

Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler, the Democratic Socialists of America, and the Portland Mercury all took part in spreading or amplifying the torrent of hoaxes.

Those who spread the rumors were cheered for bringing “awareness” to LGBT issues. Lost in all this was any concern for the people victimized in the process.

These include the falsely accused Robert Zerfing, who has been inundated with death threats.

Hate hoaxes are characterized by “lack of evidence, reluctance to cooperate with police, sensational claims, the presence of fundraising and the involvement of radical activists.” These hallmark features were conspicuous during Portland hate hoax mania.

Please welcome Sophia Gabrielle Stanford and Jenny Bruso to the Hate Hoax List. They are to be congratulated for raising awareness — that is, awareness that moonbattery is a lie.

On a tip from rpp618.

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