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Dec 09 2019

Portland May Require New Buildings to Accommodate Homeless

The moonbats running Portland are approaching levels of leftist tyranny not seen since the Russian Revolution:

Under a proposal introduced to the PSC [Planning and Sustainability Commission] on Nov. 12, the building design process would require owners to “provide opportunities” to the homeless population “to rest and be welcome.” Many are interpreting the vague language—specifically the “rest and be welcome” requirements—as potentially forcing owners of new commercial and residential real estate to build “spaces” for homeless men and women to camp out on private property, even in apartment buildings. …

Oriana Magnera, who presented the idea, told her fellow commissioners the city needs “spaces where [homeless] folks can feel supported and safe.”

The next step is for the actual owners of the property to be evicted to make more room for the homeless. Refer to Ayn Rand’s We the Living to see how this worked in Russia.

Once property rights go out the window, all other rights will follow.

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