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Aug 26 2018

Portland Occupy ICE Aftermath

As noted previously (see here, here, and here), Occupy ICE vermin laid prolonged siege to ICE facilities in Portland, in the belief that the United States should not defend its borders from massive foreign invasion. Local authorities mostly sided with the hippies against their own country. The siege began on June 17; on July 25, when authorities finally cleared out the last of them, the hippies left behind the copious residue that is found wherever leftists have gathered. Their 15,000 pounds of garbage cost taxpayers $24,742 to clean up, according to city officials.

City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly offers her infuriating thoughts in the aftermath:

The Founding Fathers would be surprised to learn that foreign invaders have a constitutional right to unlawfully occupy our country.

If only ICE could deport Chloe and every other treasonous moonbat working to destroy America.

For background as well as aerial footage of the mess moonbats made, let’s go back a month and hear from Danielle Outlaw, Portland’s Chief of Police:

It should be noted that the Commissioner of Police is Ted Wheeler, who is also Mayor and a barking moonbat. He aggressively sided with the Occupy ICE hippies, refusing to uphold law and order even when federal agents were trapped in the building and pleaded for help. His stance created “a zone of terror and lawlessness” according to a cease and desist letter ICE sent to Wheeler.

One more video, to see what those who live and work in the area had to put up with 24 hours per day for over a month because the city government refused to put a stop to it (sorry about the spelling):

Maybe the mistake was ICE calling municipal authorities rather than the Orkin Man.

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