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Apr 05 2019

Portland’s Unfair Fair Access in Renting

Why is housing such an issue in Left Coast cities? Portland offers a clue by threatening to inflict Fair Access in Renting:

It would require landlords to give a 72-hour notice before taking applications for a rental property, and would require them to then process those applications on a first-come first-serve basis, rather than picking through a stack of applications to pick someone of their choosing.

Owning property is major responsibility. You have to be very particular who you rent it out to, or the property can be rendered useless. But discriminating would be discriminatory.

It sets guidelines for traditional barriers to renting, like income ratios, low credit scores, and even criminal histories.

For instance, a person could not be denied solely based on the fact that they have a felony conviction older than seven years or a misdemeanor conviction older than three years.

Leftists see reality as a Manichean struggle between the oppressors and the oppressed, and themselves as benign dictators who grind the former into the ground on behalf of the latter. Per liberal ideology, property owners are oppressors. Therefore, landlords are well advised to steer clear of cities run by moonbats. This state of affairs does not make housing more readily available for the supposedly oppressed.

On a tip from Pork_Soda.

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