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Mar 07 2019

Portraits in Moonbattery: Robin DiAngelo

What makes all white people such horrid racists is that they evaluate others as individuals. At least, that’s what students learn:

During a guest lecture at Boston University on Monday, University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo told the audience a “dangerous white person” sees people as individuals rather than by skin color.

DiAngelo works in the field of “whiteness studies.” She vehemently denounces those who say, “I was taught to treat everyone the same.” Such people are not woke.

“My friend Erin Trent Johnson … she says, ‘When I hear a white person say this, what I am thinking is: ‘This is a dangerous white person. This is a white person who is going to need to deny my reality.’”

This race-based artificial “reality” is what matters, not the merits of individuals. Anyone who does not see Erin primarily as an interchangeable representative of her race is a racist.

Unlike Erin Trent Johnson, DiAngelo carries the loathsome taint of being Caucasian. She redeems herself for this as best she can by hating other white people:

“I’d like to be a little less white, which means a little less oppressive, oblivious, defensive, ignorant and arrogant.”

Not to mention racist.

She hates men too, denouncing her own husband as a product of the patriarchy.

However, her specialty is hating whites. She has been credited with inventing the term “white fragility,” which is used to attack white people who object even mildly to the vicious abuse professional haters like herself heap upon them. She has made a religion out of hating her fellow Caucasians, complete with church services.

Allowing malevolent lunatics like Robin DiAngelo to vomit their diseased ideology onto impressionable youth is the equivalent of pouring raw sewage into the water supply.

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