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Oct 09 2019

Preferring Clean-Cut to Slovenly Look Is Racist

Any meaningful standard of value is racist — even preferring a clean-cut to a slovenly look.

From the moonbats at ESPN:

Penn State coach James Franklin on Tuesday denounced a letter that was sent to one of his players that members of the team have interpreted as being racist.

The letter from Penn State alum Dave Petersen was received by safety Jonathan Sutherland.

Petersen said in the letter that he and his wife “…miss the clean cut young men and women from those days. Watching the Idaho game on TV we couldn’t help but notice your — well — awful hair. Surely there must be mirrors in the locker room! Don’t you have parents or [a] girlfriend who’ve told you those shoulder length dreadlocks look disgusting and are certainly not attractive.”

Petersen also wrote that while he believes Sutherland will be “playing ‘on Sunday'” someday, he and his wife “have stopped watching the NFL due to the disgusting tattoos, awful hair and immature antics in the end zone.”

They aren’t alone. Yet the letter ignited a firestorm.

When interviewed, Petersen confirmed that it had nothing to do with race. But nowadays, everything has to do with race. For preferring a clean-cut look to the repulsively skeevy appearances some athletes now cultivate, Petersen has been subjected to the Two Minutes Hate.

Penn State University responded to the letter via Twitter, saying the university strongly condemns the message or any message of intolerance.

Note that once again it is the thought police who are the racists, not their victims. Petersen never assumed that looking like something that crawled out of a swamp is an inherent characteristic of blacks, but Franklin and the rest of the lynch mob seem to.

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