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May 12 2013

Presidential Mother’s Day Tribute


There won’t be a corresponding graphic for Father’s Day, because no one knows whether it should include the communist polygamist Barack Hussein Obama I or another communist who might have taken the picture above of Stanley Ann Dunham, Frank Marshall Davis.

If you dig it out of a trash can, don’t be surprised if it smells funny.

On a tip from Katya Kakhov.

23 Responses to “Presidential Mother’s Day Tribute”

  1. DJ says:


    Thanks, Dave. I needed a good laugh after your last entry: ‘Expelled Over Facebook Comments’ got me so PO’ed.

  2. blue says:

    What, Obama is half white? Who knew?

    But really, why is it that the press has never, ever, interviewed someone from the Dunham side of the family??

  3. Conan says:

    GIGO applies to computers and Obama.

    Garbage IN, Garbage OUT!

  4. Mack Hall says:

    Okay, fellows, you shouldn’t have done this. The poor girl was confused and used, and died young. No mercy for Dear Leader, but leave this unfortunate woman alone.

  5. Jill says:

    But really, why is it that the press has never, ever, interviewed someone from the Dunham side of the family??
    Because they’re dead?

    That photo of the woman in her underwear isn’t Obama’s mother, but whatever turns your crank. Fap away.

  6. Jill says:

    The Nude Photos Debunked

    The Nude Photos Debunked

    Gilbert knows that Ann was born in 1942, and he knows he found these pictures in 1958 magazines. If Gilbert truly believes that these ARE somehow pictures of a 15-year-old Ann, then he’s been distributing hundreds of thousands of DVDs featuring nude and erotic pictures of someone he believes to be an underage girl.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Gilbert has thus far refused to disclose the actual sources of the erotic photos he put in his videos. He identified six issues, none of which checked out, and five of which contradict his 1960 date anyway. As shown above, to disclose the true issues would be to destroy his own claim that the photos are of Ann, and to let his audience know that he’s lying to them. And so he refuses to cite his sources, even when they’re just magazine issue numbers.

    So there you have it. The people who’ve said ‘Frank Davis took naked pictures of Stanley Ann Dunham in December of 1960’ are provably wrong. The woman they claim is Ann was having her photographs from this very shoot published at least as early as 1958. When Ann was a 15-year-old in Washington, years before she ever stepped foot on Hawaii or could have conceivably even met Frank Marshall Davis. Joel Gilbert has unnecessarily obscured the actual publication dates of the pictures he found, because he knows those simple facts will prove to everyone that he’s lying about them being taken in 1960, and lying about Frank Marshall Davis taking them of Ann, and lying about them being evidence of an intimate relationship between Frank and Ann.

  7. dan says:

    What difference does it make now,anyway ?

  8. Vic Kelley says:

    Excellent thread. obama’s mammy is a f’ing disgrace. I wish she had exercised her right to choose.

  9. Jill says:

    I wish she had exercised her right to choose.
    She did. You just want to make her choice for her

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I bet it really ticks Barry off that he looks so much like his white mom and his stereotypically white grandma.

    While he got some of his unfortunate looks from his mom, he didn’t get his faggy leg crossing skills from her. Spread ’em, Stan.

  11. Henry says:

    Stanley looks like she’s ready for some dungeon pr0n. 😆

  12. Dr. 9 says:

    Soon to be turned into a movie, “Four Ladies And A Hooker”.

  13. Grunt says:

    Jill says:
    “I wish she had exercised her right to choose.
    She did. You just want to make her choice for her”

    Funny…that’s kinda how conservatives feel about the left wanting to force us to pay for welfare, healthcare, abortions, and the general dumbassery of other leftist sheep like you.

    Kindly go shove your opinion up your arse (where it likely came from), I think the methane of your own bowel may be making you giddy.

  14. Sam Adams says:

    Actually I feel sorry for little Barry. No one can control who their parents are, and some parents aren’t very good.

    Stanley made a bad choice in determining who she would have a child with. She made a poor choice taking her child to Indonesia, and then rejected him when he rejected communism.

    Matters were made worse when Barry was raised by his communist grandparents.

    Did he really have an alternative other than turning out as a committed leftist?

  15. notPropertyOfTheState says:

    So where is #40’s mom? Wonder why she was not included….

  16. Major Mal function says:

    Because Ronald Reagan is no longer with us. But if you want to know:

  17. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Your fresh coat of paint does little good for the rotten wood underneath.

  18. Jodie says:

    I think the graphic is very fitting. At some point, Obama had to make the choice to serve Satan instead of God. He was offered power and wealth in turn for implementing the Devil’s agenda – and he probably didn’t hesitate too much before he accepted.

    It’s important to show his mother. God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus, because she was sweet, pure, and obedient. In contrast, God chose the whore above to be the mother of the spawn of Satan. God’s ways are not that difficult to understand – it’s really common sense.

  19. Jill says:

    Because Ronald Reagan is no longer with us. But if you really want to know:

  20. Huh says:

    Her name is “Stanley”?? Is his real father’s name Sue?

  21. Flu-Bird says:

    Hey i understand that JIMMY CARTER once stole jewery from his mom to give to his teacher

  22. facebkwallflower says:

    @ Jill …. pretty clever with that photo of Nellie Reagan that is Ron’s Mom, Nelle Reagan. Here is the other version:

  23. facebkwallflower says:

    Oh, the site of the other “Nellie Reagan” picture:
    Warning: will have to scroll through some, uhm, suggestive prints to get to the photo.

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