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Apr 16 2019

Pride Festival Encounters Cultural Marxist Crackup

Brace yourself for crushing news. Edmonton’s 2019 Pride Festival has been canceled. As they grapple with their grief, those who enjoy having perversion and degeneracy belligerently rubbed into the public’s face search for answers as to why.

Part of it was “a funding and volunteer deficit.” Another factor was a widening crack in the Cultural Marxist coalition:

In [an] email, festival organizers wrote about a heated meeting … between [Edmonton Pride Festival Society] members and other LGBTQ+ groups called Shades of Colour, which advocates for “queer and trans Indigenous, Black, and people of colour,” [QTIBPOC] and RaricaNow, a group that promotes human rights for LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers in Canada.

“The festival has been provided demands, involving a complete restructuring of our festival and our commitments to sponsors, which we needed to bring to our membership,” the Pride Society said in an email dated April 6.

The demands were outrageous (Word doc), including $20,000 cash apiece for Shades of Colour and RaricaNow and open-ended funding for travel. Also, Edmonton Pride Festival Society was told to issue a public apology for supposedly harming the “QTIBPOC community.”

The QTIBPOC thugs should have taken their list of demands to the nearest university instead; it probably would have been complied with.

A special meeting was called to respond to the shakedown. It did not go well.

Police ended up being called when the disagreements became heated.

This isn’t the event’s first moonbat vs moonbat controversy.

Last year, the parade was halted for more than half-an-hour by demonstrators demanding organizers uninvite Edmonton police officers, the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] and military personnel from the event, amid a country-wide debate over the presence of police in Pride parades.

Black Lives Matter types are vociferously hostile toward law enforcement. Even being homosexual is not enough to overcome it. The demonstrators who obstructed last year’s parade described themselves as “queer and trans people of colour and their allies.”

Bleats Mayor Don Iveson,

“This is not something limited to the city of Edmonton. We understand Pride organizations are encountering challenges around North America, with increasing complexity and what does it mean to be inclusive to everybody.”

That is, inclusive to everyone except the core population of regular Canadians that such events are intended to shock and defy.

That core population has not yet been thoroughly marginalized, yet the Cultural Marxists tearing it down are already at each other’s throats. Maybe there is hope.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: Pride and Prejudice.

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