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Jul 31 2019

Prince Harry Encourages Britons Not to Reproduce

British royalty did not hit rock bottom with the mentally defective moonbat Prince Charles. Until the British abandon the farce altogether by admitting that royalty no longer serves any constructive purpose, the formerly proud institution will degenerate to ever more appalling depths of debasement, as Prince Harry demonstrates by proclaiming that he and his racially PC B-list actress bride will help save the planet by not having more than two children.

Regrettably, British royalty has influence even now. It is malevolent to use this influence to encourage Britons not to reproduce. Not having children will not improve the weather, even if you believe in the global warming hoax. The entitlement state is a pyramid scheme premised on never-ending growth. The babies Britons don’t have will be imported from the Third World, as even Harry understands if he has given the matter a moment’s thought. There will be just as many people, due to the endless fecundity of the Third World; they just won’t be British. What Harry is calling for is the continuing decline of his own country.

Meanwhile, the carbon footprint of useless barnacles like Prince Harry continues to dwarf that of any number of normal British babies of the kind that might not exist thanks to his baleful influence:

Despite their commitment to saving the planet, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex [i.e., Prince Harry and Meghan Markle] are known for their globetrotting lifestyle and use of private jets.

In February, Meghan travelled by private jet for a five-night trip to New York City, where she was thrown a lavish baby shower by her closest friends in a $75,000-a-night penthouse.

One return flight from London to New York generates more CO2 than citizens of some countries produce in a year, according to German nonprofit Atmosfair.

The day the British get fed up with hypocrisy will be the day they do away with the royalty. The same goes for Americans and our own Hollywood royalty.

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One Response to “Prince Harry Encourages Britons Not to Reproduce”

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