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Nov 06 2023

Pro-Hamas Insurrection at the White House

It doesn’t involve anyone right of center complaining about election fraud, so it will not receive more than passing mention from the media, much less elaborate Soviet-style show trials, but there has been yet another insurrection in the District of Corruption, this one featuring the Muslim–moonbat alliance. Western Journal reports:

A White House fence was vandalized Saturday night by pro-Palestinian protesters who doused red paint on it.

During the rowdy protest, marchers rattled a gate while one demonstrator climbed the black gate to wave a Palestinian flag.

A nearby statue of General Marquis de Lafayette in Lafayette Park was tagged with graffiti and festooned with Palestinian flags…

Despite calls from fools like Nikki Haley to import massive numbers of Palestinians, the USA has not yet been invaded by Arab hordes. The crowd apparently included a large number of domestic moonbats:

The activists who converged on the White House fence had come from the earlier protest in Freedom Plaza, in which a crowd of tens of thousands of people protested against Israel’s military operations targeting Hamas, a terrorist organization, as well as President Joe Biden’s support for Israel. Organizations including Code Pink and the National Students For Justice in Palestine organized the protest, according to Code Pink’s promotional website for the event.

Regarding the Biden Regime’s supposed support for Israel, it has ineptly attempted to take both sides, belying dutiful statements in support of Israel by handing Hamas a $100 million reward for the October 7 terror atrocities and denouncing Americans for being “Islamophobic” as part of a pro-Islam propaganda campaign.

Add this to the list of insurrections that don’t count as insurrections, like the last pro-Hamas insurrection a couple of weeks ago, leftists occupying Kevin McCarthy’s office at the Capitol, congresscritters Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters calling for the overthrow of the American system of government in front of the Supreme Court, and at the state level, the anti-gun rights insurrection in Tennessee.

“Free Palestine” refers to the plan to eradicate Jews from their homeland, as the mob confirmed with the infamous call for genocide, “From the river to the sea.”

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