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Oct 21 2019

Pro-Trump Women Thrown Out of Minneapolis Cafe

You don’t have to be a well-known Republican like Rand Paul to get harassed if you try to dine in public. You just have to let it be known that you supports Republicans. Sometimes the harassment will follow you afterward — as Trump supporters learned at a vegan cafe in Minneapolis earlier this month.

Via American Greatness:

A day before President Trump’s rally at the Target Center, Jennifer Underwood drove her two friends to a protest at the downtown office of Mayor Jacob Frey, who had tried to charge an exorbitant security fee of $530,000 to the Trump campaign.

Mayor Frey ostentatiously opposed the President’s visit.

Afterward they stopped in Hard Times Cafe in MAGA hats and “Cops for Trump” shirts, not realizing they had stepped into a cave full of moonbats.

“I don’t feel safe,” said a moonbat behind the counter when they entered. “I’m afraid and don’t feel safe,” she repeated.

This is the moonbat equivalent of a dog baring its teeth and snarling.

Then a guy behind the counter denounced the pro-life women as “terrorists and baby killers.” They were soon hounded out of the establishment by both employees and customers.

Another restaurant refused them service the same day. Also, someone hit Underwood with a full can of soda while she was walking down the street. The next day, Antifa goons attacked the Trump rally, committing multiple assaults.

It’s not over. Leftists have been harassing Underwood on Facebook and giving bad reviews of her Wisconsin realty business.

Progressives insist on total hegemony. Ham-fisted bullying tactics are used to guarantee that those who do not share their ideology keep their dissent to themselves. That way, people come to believe that it is normal to be a moonbat, and give in to the natural instinct to conform.

Eating out in the face of liberal tolerance.

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