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Apr 10 2019

Procter & Gamble Exploits Morbid Obesity

It isn’t easy to cultivate an edgily woke corporate image. Even the most outrageous moonbattery soon seems commonplace, so you constantly have to push the envelope. Procter & Gamble pushed black supremacist propaganda to the point of parody. Then it pushed politically trendy hatred of masculinity just as far. Now comes morbid obesity:

By featuring plus-sized model Anna O’Brien, P&G guarantees it will never be accused of the thought crime of body shaming. An added benefit is that Gillette ads won’t get banned in London subways, which happened to Protein World ads featuring women who keep themselves in shape and thereby violate the tenets of radical feminism.

Condemning obesity is now regarded as a form of bigotry by the same illogic used to condemn condemnation of homosexual perversion. This brand of moonbattery requires denying the fact that in both cases, voluntary behavior tends to be involved — as are disastrous health consequences.

In utopia, no one will be allowed not to have something conspicuously wrong with them, and everyone will wallow in it.

Whether the leftist scolds at P&G really believe in the nauseating ideology they ram down our throats is debatable. Just as likely, they are cynically exploiting moonbattery to generate controversy — i.e., free advertising — in the belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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