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Jul 26 2018

Professor Attacks the Geometries of Whiteness

A professor’s work is never done, because there is always some newly invented violation of political correctness to be suppressed — now including the geometries of whiteness, which University of North Texas art education professor Tyson E. Lewis believes can be combatted through art classes:

Lewis, who teaches classes on critical pedagogy and aesthetic theory, contributed a chapter on “Art Education and Whiteness as Style” for a new guide aimed at other educators, The Palgrave Handbook of Race and Arts in Education.

“Art education needs to draw upon critical whiteness studies to further its social justice agenda,” barks Lewis, who adds that art education can help eradicate Caucasian-ness and “uphold the idea of educational equity.” (Educational equity would presumably entail all students getting the same grade regardless of effort or ability.)

To most effectively destroy the enemy, you have to know that enemy. To that end, Lewis offers new insights into whiteness:

Lewis posits that there is a “corporeal geometry of whiteness,” and that what emerges from his analysis “is a description of the aesthetic dimensions of discrimination through the geometric deployment of lines (that maximally extend white bodies into space) and an angle of vision (that constitutes totalized and rigidified racial hierarchies).”

You can see why college professors make the big bucks despite often not doing much work.

More wisdom on whiteness:

“Race is lived through an aesthetic geometry of lines and angles that connect and disconnect bodies on a pre-conscious level,” Lewis asserts, adding that “whiteness is a kind of one-dimensional way of being in the world.”

Lewis, a white male, doesn’t like maleness any better than whiteness. A solution to both is the further politicization of art:

“Because whiteness and maleness are geometric styles, aesthetic questions are intrinsically political and political questions are inherently aesthetic,” Lewis declares.

Hold on tight — this part will be rough going for anyone who does not hold at least an MA in BS:

“As such,” he continues, “the vocabularies and processes developed inside of art education for thinking through questions of style can and should be recouped as essential for developing an anti-discriminatory practice [among art educators] that can suspend whiteness and maleness on the pre-conceptual, pre-thematic level of sensorial stylistics.”

Those who enjoy the nutty professor’s writing style might be interested to know that he also produces warped erotic fiction.

On a tip from Steve T. Hat tip: David Thompson.

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