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Mar 19 2024

Professor Ties Marriage to White Supremacism

To utterly destroy society, you have to erode its most fundamental institution, namely, marriage. Leftist social engineers have attacked it by various means — feminism, the welfare state, the LGBT agenda, and now hatred of Caucasians:

“I theorize that marriage fundamentalism, like structural racism, is a key structuring element of White heteropatriarchal supremacy,” Professor Bethany Letiecq wrote in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

Like many vociferous antiwhite racists, the nutty professor is white herself. She makes a living spewing ideological toxins at George Mason University.

Theorizes Letiecq:

“Marriage fundamentalism can be understood as an ideological and cultural phenomenon, where adherents espouse the superiority of the two-parent married family.”

Successful societies have always practiced “marriage fundamentalism.” But they were all benighted. Now we know better, because we have the Experts.

Despite Big Government having destroyed the black family via the welfare state, Letiecq screeches that it has coerced “its citizens to enter into an institution built upon White heteropatriarchal supremacy.”

If Caucasians are responsible for climate fluctuation, why not marriage?

How lucky we are to catch crumbs of Professor Letiecq’s wisdom for free. Students go into decades of debt for the privilege.

Any day now liberals will figure out how to tie marriage to their imaginary climate crisis.

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