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Nov 22 2019

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Posie Parker

Posie Parker (real name: Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull) got fed up with the tyrannical nonsense of perverted mentally ill men forcing sane people to pretend they are women. She has been pushing back. Her resistance has encountered resistance:

I have put a billboard up with the dictionary definition of the word woman, which was removed for being hateful; Edinburgh buses refused to put the definition on a bus, (supermarket chain) Waitrose mysteriously escaped a billboard outside of one of their London stores…

Over the last few years I have been interviewed under caution twice for saying that transitioning children is child abuse. I’ve had my main Facebook account disabled, my IP address is permanently banned from twitter for saying men cannot be women, I am banned from Mumsnet for refusing to use the pronoun “they”, I have been vilified in global press…

Yet her campaign to remind us that only women are women is catching on:

I have illuminated the National Gallery, The Royal Opera House and the BBC with the definition, supporters across the country have put t-shirts on statues and stickers anywhere they will stick…. it’s a beautifully organic campaign.

Careful now; disseminating the dictionary definition of “woman” provoked a police investigation in Oxford.

YouTube actually banned a video because Posie Parker stated the incontrovertible scientific fact that men pretending to be women are still men. The censorship was justified on the grounds of “hate speech.” Liberals really will try to crush you for insisting that 2 + 2 = 4. A short clip of the video survives on YouTube:

Watch the whole thing on BitChute here (it’s over an hour).

LGBT militants denounce Posie for also letting herself be interviewed by a white nationalist. You might call it intersectional cancel culture.

Here’s a video YouTube might leave up for a while; it demonstrates what a villain Posie Parker is for “intentionally misgendering” a prominent LGBT militant who calls himself Sarah McBride, thereby causing NBC News to clutch its pearls in horror:

Posie might end up in prison for insisting that men are not women. More here on the trouble she has already had with police.

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