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Dec 19 2011

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Sheriff Brad Rogers

One of our last lines of defense against an increasingly tyrannical federal government is principled local law enforcement — like Sheriff Brad Rogers of Elkhart County, Indiana:

David Hochstetler of rural Middlebury distributes raw milk to people who buy into his herd of Jersey cows. That action has drawn the ire of the Food and Drug Administration, which wants to inspect his farm because it believes it is the source of a 2010 bacteria outbreak in Michigan. But Sheriff Brad Rogers has a message for the FDA, which is “get a warrant.”

The conflict between the local and federal authorities came to a head two weeks ago when Hochstetler was summoned to testify before a federal grand jury in Detroit. He declined to appear, invoking his 5th Amendment right. Sheriff Rogers also notified the Justice Department attorney that if FDA agents tried to inspect Hochstetler’s farm without a signed warrant, they would be arrested on trespassing charges.

Since then the federal subpoena for Hochstetler has been withdrawn, according to Rogers.

The sheriff sees his action as protecting a local Amish resident, who he called “an honest man,” from being harassed by federal officials.

The reason the feds have wasted the funds to conduct a two-year sting operation on an Amish farmer just trying to make a living is that he has been selling raw milk, which is among the many activities the Nanny State has unnecessarily banned. Those who choose to drink it anyway for health reasons get around the ban by buying shares in herds of cows. Big Government is a jealous god that does not like to be mocked.

“This isn’t about raw milk,” Rogers said. “It’s about fundamental rights.” …

Rogers said his whole point in confronting the FDA is to protect the Constitutional rights of local residents. He indicated he wants the federal agency to go through the court system and present its evidence to a judge, who could then decide if there was enough evidence to justify the issuance of a warrant allowing the inspection of Forest Grover Dairy.

Our federal overlords are predictably enraged at this recalcitrance. They have threatened Rogers with a three-year prison term for interfering with a federal investigation.

Kudos to Rogers, Joe Arpaio, and all other sheriffs patriotic enough to stand up for America against the moonbat authoritarians in Washington.

Sheriff Rogers: Still an American, despite the Hopey Change.

On a tip from VunderBob.

16 Responses to “Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Sheriff Brad Rogers”

  1. metryq says:

    Brad Rogers for President!

  2. AC says:

    If the victim had been farming pot instead of raw milk, the left would be calling for him to be freed from the shackles of big government.

  3. KHarn says:

    “metryq says:December 19, 2011 at 9:09 am”

    He’ll do the country a lot more good where he is now.

  4. Conan says:

    RESIST WE MUCH! Al “twanda brawley” Sharpton

  5. metalgarth says:

    Brad Rogers for President!

    No kidding

  6. Louisiana Steve says:

    Unleashed, the Feds are pretty capable of atrocities. Case in point, whether right or wrong in their beliefs, David Koresch and his followers did not deserve the armed attack by federal agents. Kudos for someone standing up on a local level.

  7. 762x51 says:

    Congrats to Sheriff Rogers. This is EXACTLY what I mean in my posts urging local law enforcement to refuse to enforce tyranny against the population. Officials like Sheriff Rogers are all that stand between the people and their enemy the government.

    Anybody remember the EPA official character in the Ghostbusters II movie? That role, a smug,egotistical, sanctimonious, bureauweenie was meant as a caricature of a government bureaucrat, however, the caricature has become the reality.

    Just because they are the government does not make them right, nor does it grant them any authority they desire. Remember, they are to serve us, not the other way around.

    If somebody wants to buy raw milk, knows that it is unfiltered and unpastuerized and can be contaminated, that is their risk.

  8. chuck in st paul says:

    I just sent along a ‘hat tip’ email to the Sheriff’s department. He deserves it.

  9. Henry says:

    Isn’t raw milk a hippie favorite?

    Brown Mao and his thugs are pissing off everybody.

  10. Bill T says:

    Here’s the other side of the coin.
    Send in the Drones: The Predator State Goes Domestic

  11. HTA! says:

    Let’s see what The Ferret and his Dept of Social Justice does to the evil bitter clinging fundamentalist Christian white supremacist meth farmer that’s threatning to lynch President Obamugabe and deny blacks the right to vote. Hope he has a gas mask and fire insurance.

  12. Zorro says:

    Glad to hear about Sheriff Roger’s successful fight against Big Government. BTW, raw milk from a well cared for herd is far more healthy for people than the factory food milk products sold in supermarkets and wholesale clubs.

  13. Cameraman says:

    Amen Sheriff Rogers…Thanks for doing your Job and standing up to The “Beast”..we need more Men like you amoung us!

  14. Deborah Leigh says:

    AC is correct. If this had been a pot farm, or even a pot clinic the Left would have been staging protests. Kudos to Sheriff Rogers! People should have the freedom to drink and eat whatever they want. Interestingly, in the ’80s John Denver and Dennis Weaver started LIFE (Love is Feeding Everyone) to combat hunger. Due to their efforts, a law was passed in California that allowed groups to pick up food from restaurants and bakeries for use in feeding people. The law stipulated that the donating group’s (restaurant) liablity ended once the food left its’ location. Same should apply here. Pass the law.

  15. RebeccaH says:

    I wouldn’t drink raw milk myself, preferring to buy lowfat or skim from Kroger. But I have zero interest in preventing others from doing so, and I have a hard time understanding why my government does, purportedly in my name.

    Not in my name, thanks.

  16. redalert says:

    check this ou in canukistan

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