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Oct 31 2018

Profiles in Hypocrisy: Don Lemon

In the current media environment, prominent CNN talking head Don Lemon is considered mainstream. That is to say, openly hating the core population of America is mainstream:

The host offered another interesting take on Tuesday night when he identified white men as the real terror threat in the U.S.

Behold the “mainstream” media:

That’s hardly the end of Lemon’s mind-bending hypocrisy. The guy who characterizes white males as terrorists belligerently denounces Donald Trump as a racist:

This week, he told his guest Stephen Moore he was wrong if he didn’t think Trump was a racist. Instead of giving Moore a chance to explain why the president may not be a racist, Lemon went to commercial.

“He’s a racist,” Lemon said. “His policies and his words are racist, end of story. That’s not a debate.”

Right, it’s not a debate. It’s a bogus leftist talking point, barked by a mental defective who hates whites.

But not all whites. Introducing Lemon’s homosexual boyfriend:

Even his hatred of white men is hypocritical.

Don Lemon is not always hypocritical on his own behalf. Sometimes it is on behalf of Democrats in general:

Scalise was of course nearly killed when politically active Democrat James Hodgkinson shot him for being a Republican during a terror attack far more serious than Cesar Sayoc’s pathetic attempts to make pipe bombs, and far more relevant to partisan politics than the Nazi lunacy of Trump-hating Robert Bowers.

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