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Jul 23 2019

Profiles in Moonbattery: Eric Serge Herbert

Eric Serge Herbert, the face of Extinction Rebellion, is an environmental protestor known for gluing himself to a Brisbane street, evidently in protest against harmless carbon emissions. Most of us are too busy working to glue ourselves to roads, but not the 20-year-old Herbert, who lives with his parents in a lavish mansion.

He used to go to the University of New South Wales but dropped out. Studying must have cut into precious enviroprotesting time.

As the Daily Mail observes,

An average household in Australia emits 14 tonnes of carbon each year.

While it can be hard to determine the exact carbon footprint of a household it is widely accepted a larger house emits more.

Herbert’s parents’ house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

No worries. Like Al Gore, Herbert makes up for his own carbon footprint by protesting against society’s.

His Instagram description makes note of his arrests, reading: ‘Arrested five times in three weeks peacefully participating in civil disobedience’.

This is not an issue with his employer, because Herbert does not work; he is supported by his parents. Presumably, they pay the numerous fines that have been levied against him for his antisocial activities on behalf of The Planet.

No need for Herbert to be shamed into leaving the nest. A study found that 92% of Antifa warriors in Europe still live with their parents. The most aggressive proponents of dysfunctional ideologies can be expected to have dysfunctional existences.

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