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Jan 04 2019

Profiles in Moonbattery: Jay Inslee

Among the crowded field of moonbats vying to get their hand on the lever so they can preside over flushing the USA down the toilet is Washington Governor Jay Inslee. A few bullet points from his résumé, compliments of the Washington State Republican Party:

• Ranked worst governor for taxation and spending.

• Presides over third highest gasoline tax in the USA.

• Proposed $3.7 billion in new taxes.

Not to mention he signed a law requiring the Department of Licensing to automatically register people to vote when they obtain a driver’s license or state ID card. Illegal aliens are issued driver’s licenses in Washington State. Undocumented Democrats are known to register at DMVs. No doubt this is happening in Washington, which of course benefits a leftist like Inslee.

As a guzzler of global warming Kool-Aid, Inslee outclowns even Al Gore. Anybody can make terrifying prognostications of doom 5 years in advance, secure in the assumption that most people will forget the prediction when it fails to come to pass. Inslee once bid for attention by predicting planetary ruin in only 59 days:

The 59 days came and went early last year. The planet is still here. Unfortunately, so is Inslee.

This man of depth also has an artistic side. For example, he made a collage out of torn up copies of the New York Times and painted a sacred polar bear on top. He aptly describes his artistic exploits as “a mental health issue.”

Inslee would run as a single-issue global warming fanatic candidate. Yet even his own state rejects his climate Jacobinism:

Notably, in 2018 Gov. Inslee’s liberal taxpayers rejected the Carbon Emissions Fee Measure referendum which would tax companies and carbon emission producers in the state with a fee of $15 per ton of carbon.

However, even this nut stands a chance.

Democrats don’t want to be seen as rigging the primaries again like they did to stop Bernie Sanders from driving the party off a cliff into Marxism. The Democrat base has become rabid with extremism. The vast pool of presidential aspirants will dilute the primary votes of any sane people who still vote Democrat. In light of the never-ending avalanche of hostile press coverage of Trump, Democrats are likely to believe that this time they can beat him with any candidate, without having to worry about reassuring moderates. All this adds up to the Dems producing a truly alarming presidential nominee in 2020 — as bad as Inslee or, if it is possible, worse.

On a tip from Becky in Washington.

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