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Aug 07 2012

Profiles in Moonbattery: Spencer Thayer

Anyone who has managed retain even a shred of decency in the era of Hopey Change was appalled to see militant homosexuals bully a homeless street preacher during a protest against Chick-fil-A in Chicago. The most obnoxious of the gay brownshirts involved was evidently a moonbat named Spencer Thayer. Legal Insurrection has details:

The person in the video certainly looks like the Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer who was a longtime Chicago-area activist, most recently with the Occupy Chicago movement leading a crowd in October 2011 in a chant of “We are the 99%.” Thayer also was a member of a group “Chicago Cop Watch” whose goal, ironically enough, was to videotape police. Thayer also was an advocate of the “Chicago Principles” during the NATO summit, a set of defining principles for all of the groups protesting NATO to keep dissent from getting out. Thayer’s Twitter account has an Occupy graphic as his profile picture and many anti-capitalist tweets.

Who Thayer is is interesting and says a lot about how the Occupy movement occupies many protest movements, but that’s not what I took away from this whole episode.

I will always remember that street preacher holding his Bible as the crowd taunted him. I am grateful to have witnessed this man’s quiet strength and dignity.

Some worry that the left-wing extremism personified by Obama will tear America apart in a second Civil War. But this war is already underway; Obama is evidence that if we don’t rally we will lose, and the likes of Spencer Thayer will win. That is unthinkable.

Another look at “Thunderball” in action.

On a tip from Rob Banks.

37 Responses to “Profiles in Moonbattery: Spencer Thayer”

  1. Mr Evilwrench says:

    Yeah, we’re the ones that are armed. Let ’em come around here. I have a lot of bullets. Not cleanin’ up, though. It’ll get smelly for a while.

  2. A POS. Guess tolerance is a one way street for these bunch. Very classy, NOT.

  3. Sgt Stadenko says:

    The guy admits he’s a “dick head” and he’s proud of it.

    You just know this fuckwit was a schoolyard bully who never got the beatdown he deserved.

  4. Clingtomyguns says:

    Sgt Stadenko says:
    August 7, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    “You just know this fuckwit was a schoolyard bully who never got the beatdown he deserved.”

    No doubt. I’d be pleased to put on some latex gloves (to avoid contact with his likely AIDs-riddled blood) and rubber gloves over those, eye protection and a surgical mask, and proceed to give this sorry SOB the lesson he must have missed back in grade school.

  5. MuayTyson says:

    There was a time not to long ago if a man of character saw this type of bullying he would stop it. The first action would be a simple request the second action would be a stiff right to the jaw. If police were called chances are the bully would not only get a sock to the jaw but may walk away with a wooden shampoo job.

    That was a time when movies were black and white and America was still good.

  6. Sgt Stadenko says:

    I’m not sure he’s even gay (does he say so anywhere? I’m not sure he did). I think he’s just being an arrogant prick for the sake of being an arrogant prick.

  7. Justmyburden says:

    That video makes me sick. Creepy fruits posturing and demanding.

    Right now, they are useful to the Left. When it turns into a Hard Left (no pun intended), they will be disposed of properly by “their” regime. No dictatorship tolerates people like them when it no longer suits the Dictatorship’s need.

  8. Spencer "Thunderball" Thayer says:

    I wasn’t a bully actually. I fought bullies who picked on other kids and generally I got my ass kicked. I’m not that great of a fighter either but I like Mr. Evilwrench’s plan. The 2nd Amendment protects us from the Government and people like y’all.

  9. TonyD95B says:

    RE: Spencer “Thunderball” Thayer at August 7, 2012 at 4:44 pm:

    Nahhh, we can pretty much see you’re a bully. A loudmouthed, obnoxious whiny one, too.

    Narcissistic, too….you like the ATTENTION of being the subject of a post here on Moonbattery.

    Some day you’ll wake up and realize the sole purpose of your ill-spent life was to be the subject of a cautionary lesson for others.

    Yeah, you like lecturing people about ‘peace and love and tolerance’ – but you’re too good to live by such rules.

    Go f#ck thyself.

  10. TonyD95B says:

    …..and another thing: You make reference to, ‘stoning rape victims’.

    When WE complain about the one-billion strong nihilistic pseudoreligious political movement that espouses such treatment of women and gays, it’s knee-jerk Leftist Loser reactionaries like YOU that call us, “Raaaaaaaaaaaaacistttt!!!”

    I can see the irony of all this is utterly lost on ya, skippy.

  11. Grunt says:

    Looks like he’s having a spasm there…must really get him off to screech in the face of a passively inclined christian man like that. Wonder why they won’t get in the face of hardcore muslims and do that crap? And of course, when they were showing off their revolting tendencies with their little “Kiss-In”…I wonder of there were any Christians screeching in the queer’s faces? Likely, not…after all, the only “tolerance” these kind will ever show, is the tolerance of those who agree with them exclusively. And it’s the exact same, every single time. The only consistency and structure these ever seem to show, is an almost tantrum-rage when faced with the simple presence of someone with more character than themselves.

    Such great fun to see them come unwound and…convulse like that….a little foaming at the mouth would only make it nicer.

    I’d say “up yours”, Sphincter….but chances are that’s just how you like it.

  12. Grunt says:

    Dang. “I wonder of” was supposed to be “I wonder IF”.

  13. ant says:

    Awww, ain’t that cute? I think Spencer posted at 4:44 in honor of his 44th President, the Gay Kenyan. Actually, it’s a fact. someone told Harry Reid and he told me…then I told two friends….then all five of us went out and picked on elderly homeless Christians.

  14. Gunny G says:

    Dear Thayer,

    Had I been standing nearby, you and your fellow cocksnorklers would have gotten your asses kicked. The guy is minding is own business and you fuck with him? That’s the dinner bell for me and I CAN fight (and I like it).

  15. Grunt says:

    That Harry Reid’s a wily bastid, ain’tee?

  16. Grunt says:

    OMG”cocksnorklers” Rotflol!!!

  17. AC says:

    I wasn’t a bully actually. I fought bullies who picked on other kids and generally I got my ass kicked. I’m not that great of a fighter either but I like Mr. Evilwrench’s plan. The 2nd Amendment protects us from the Government and people like y’all.

    The First Amendment also protects your right to make a horse’s ass out of yourself.

    Bullying this man accomplished nothing for your cause. Your conduct was wholly focused on making you feel good about yourself. A person who antagonizes another solely for his own satisfaction is, by definition, a bully.

  18. AC says:

    Hey, Spencer, don’t forget to hold the mustard on my sandwich order.

    Get used to it. You’ve made a complete ass of yourself on the Internet, and the Internet doesn’t forget. Your choice of careers now boils down to sandwich artist and SEIU organizer.

  19. Logic Mine says:

    Hypocrisy coming out of these books?

    As compared to the Hypocrisy coming out of the mouths of liberals?

    This is nothing but a game of those who cannot uphold to the “HIGH” standard of being an American and therefore seek to destroy it ergo, paving the way to create a “LOW” standard so that their incompetence can survive and have a facade of regal appearance.

  20. TrickleUpPolitics says:

    Stoning rape victims is what Islam does, dumbass. You criticize the Bible and you haven’t read it. Typical liberal: no facts, no respect.

  21. oldguy says:

    Did I see some black males just standing around while this elderly black man was dissed? Say, what kind of black people are they in Chicago?

  22. TonyD95B says:

    BTW, if you click on the “Thunderball” link, it takes you to a bunch of pseudointellectual high-school pot-smoking-at-the-Moon-Tower* nonsense about Nietzsche and Schopenhauer.

    What a worthless waste of skin.

    Although this jacka## represents the Loopy Loony Lemming-Like Lying Loser Left in the sense that he is a coward and a narcissistic intellectual lightweight, he has proven that he can shout louder than us sometimes…..and as we saw from the “Occupy” nonsense, the MSM is only too willing to hand people like this a big microphone.

    *”Alright! Alright! Alright!!!” for those of you that get the Dazed and Confused reference.

  23. AC says:

    There is much less hypocrisy in the Bible than liberals imagine.

    Liberals frequently pick out Old Testament passages, take them out of context, then allege that they are in conflict with the message of Jesus.

    Anyone who has conducted even a rudimentary study of the Bible understands that what Jesus said overrules the Old Testament way of doing things.

    That whole “love thy neighbor” bit – it takes precedence.

    According to Christian theology, homosexuals are to be loved until such point in time comes that God deems judgment appropriate, and then, judgment belongs to God.

    God’s position on homosexuality may not have changed since the Old Testament, but it is clear that social customs proscribing death or beating for such behavior are not compatible with the message of Jesus.

    Christians are commanded to hate the sin and love the sinner. Their actions are supposed to consist of brotherly conduct and prayer for the salvation of those not walking with God. Individuals who spew hatred and physically attack homosexuals are not good Christians. The behavior of Klansmen or National Socialists does not reflect poorly on Christianity.

    The flawed understanding of Christianity held by idiots such as Spencer does reflect poorly on the intellectual capacity of the left.

  24. TonyD95B says:

    RE: AC at August 7, 2012 at 6:43 pm:

    Well said, as always.

    The Liberal comeback will be to post the Jack Black “Shellfish is an Abomination!!!” clip, or some such “clever” nonsense.

  25. TonyD95B says:

    Once we get Liberals to properly comprehend The Bible and judeo-Christian values, we can hand ’em a history book…….one that wasn’t authored by Zinn.

    Or am I too optimistic?

  26. Vic Kelley says:

    Fine, I’ll be the first one to say it – how does a gay man activist get the nickname “thunderball?” If it was “thunderballs” I guess I’d understand it. Like he’s bragging about his junk. But thunderball makes it sound like he’s only got one huevo. What’s up with that?

  27. ant says:

    AC, well said. I believe our best answer to those on the left that want to reference the teachings of Jesus is to remind them that the New Testament repeatedly warns us to turn away from ‘the ways of the worldly’ or ‘the flesh’. Homosexuality is a worldly pursuit and so NOT in line with ‘seek first the kingdom of God’.

    And you are 100% correct on the fact that the New Covenant did away with the Old. I read some conservatives give a wonderful answer to a liberal claiming that the Bible was a joke because of the teachings about dietary restrictions, like shellfish, for example. They pointed out, from obviously superior Biblical knowledge than myself or the troll, exact quotes from Jesus regarding that foods ‘put into the body’ are no longer regarded as ‘polluting’…again, New Covenant…the ‘Law’ had been replaced by grace. There was, big surprise, no counter from the woefully out-gunned liberal.

  28. Dr. 9 says:

    Spencer and his friends are the reason God created AIDS.

  29. Jimbo says:

    Just like the fag-exec who lost it’s job after getting in the face of an innocent young lady doing her job, this worthless semen-squirt and it’s minions are picking on the WEAKEST target they can find.

    Liberals are SUCH stinking cowards. Another reason I hate their stinking guts. They’re loudmouthed cowards.

  30. Brian Jacobsen says:

    As a former resident of Chicagostan let me make the obvious point that we should never confuse the Windy City with America. That would be a mistake.

    Chicago is what America will look like if Obama gets his way.

  31. St. Gilbert says:

    One can search high and low and not find a hint of a viable intellectual argument supporting same-sex so-called marriage. When one’s argument cannot withstand intellectual or philosophical scrutiny, we see the tactics of people like “Thunderball.”

    It is appalling, given the absolute emptiness of their argument, that their position seems to be prevailing. The rational arguments concerning ssm are completely on the side of those who oppose it. I’d be more than happy to listen to a coherent, intelligent argument in favor of ssm, or one that supports this massive push for the acceptance of homosexual behavior, but I have yet to hear anything that doesn’t default to redefining terminology (fairness, equality, justice…) and then calling names. They are pathetic, and yet they are winning, because they control the debate and have exiled principled thought to oblivion.

  32. joeh says:

    The little turd Thayer is playing to the camera…look at how times he looks that way. That poor homeless man didn’t deserve that. He was probably hungry. Would someone there have bought him a meal? Probably not one of that group. I also agree with one of the writers above: the Internet does not forget. You put it out there, it can be recalled the rest of your life.

  33. J says:

    It may be noted that the modern day leftists, and gay activists in particular, are very similar to Pharisees / Sadducees of Christ’s day – self righteous, arrogant, envious, prideful, hostile to God and ignorant of His Word.

    Mr. “Thunderball”‘s behavior is the perfect illustration to all of the above. His speech also fully illustrates the last point, ignorance of the God’s Word – his charges that God requires the rape victim to be stoned. Is that so? Let’s look at, you know actual God’s word as opposed to something Mr. “Thunderball” pulled out of… well never-mind where.

    Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    23 If a man happens to meet in a town a virgin pledged to be married and he sleeps with her, 24 you shall take both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death—the young woman because she was in a town and did not scream for help, and the man because he violated another man’s wife. You must purge the evil from among you.

    And for a full context giving the same situation in a a rural setting – thru 27.

    25 But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. 26 Do nothing to the woman; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor, 27 for the man found the young woman out in the country, and though the betrothed woman screamed, there was no one to rescue her.

    In the first case [in town], the thought is that because she didn’t scream [resisted] it was therefore not a rape, but consensual adultery.

    In the second case [in the country side], there is an assumption that she screamed, but no one heard her.

    The judicial thought here, therefore, establishes the criteria that if a woman resisted [as implied by screaming] it is a rape and the rapist alone is to be stoned, if not, then it is indicative of the consensual adultery. Flowing from this, it is only natural that if a woman was for some reason prevented from screaming, or in part of a town that she could not have been heard, the rapist alone was to be stoned.

  34. Cameraman says:

    That Rump Ranger needs his ass KICKED Any Takers?

  35. Joe says:

    I’d like to use a dull butter knife to cut his “thunderball” off. What a fuckstick.

  36. J says:


    You may want to compare “Thunderballs”‘s (posted at August 7, 2012 at 4:44 pm ) ip address with the Joe’s (August 8, 2012 at 4:13 pm ). It seems like someone is sock-puppeting to manufacture some “hate”…

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