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Mar 13 2019

Profiles in Multiculturalism: Hawo Osman Ahmed

Ilhan Omar is the most conspicuously pernicious Somali-American — but she does have some competition. Introducing Hawo Osman Ahmed:

Hawo Osman Ahmed, 26, is charged with a Class C felony of Terrorizing stemming from an incident last November 29 when she confronted three women from her Grand Forks [North Dakota] apartment complex with a knife.

This will come as no surprise:

In an interview last Thursday with Valley News Live, Ahmed claimed she is being targeted because of her race and religion.

The first thing they learn after the word “asylum” is how to play the race and Islam cards.

It isn’t the first time Hawo has enriched our multicultural tapestry.

Ahmed has been charged in a string of incidents in Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota, including third degree assault and giving a false name to a police officer. On September 11 of last year, Ahmed was charged with a Class A misdemeanor for violating a disorderly conduct restraining order.

Ahmed was also charged as part of a massive 2010 federal case of human sex trafficking involving three connected Somali gangs — the Somali Outlaws, the Somali Mafia, and the Lady Outlaws — who ran a prostitution ring in Minnesota, Tennessee, and Ohio. … According to the FBI, the prostitution ring trafficked girls as young as 13 from Minnesota to Nashville and Columbus.

She confronted and got into a fight with a key federal witness in the sex trafficking case, but got off due to misconduct by a local police officer, whom she is of course suing.

At her current home in Grank Forks, she is “known for climbing onto apartment balconies and breaking into other apartments.”

When you import people from Somalia, you are importing Somalia. Watch Black Hawk Down or listen to any random speech by Ilhan Omar to get an idea of what that means.

Too bad our own government does not wish our country well. If it did, it would go back to basing immigration policy on our needs rather than the needs of grasping foreign colonists. Our first need right now is to drastically curtail immigration for a few decades so that assimilation can take place — at least to the extent assimilation is possible.

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