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Jan 15 2021

Profiles in Racism: Kristen Clarke

Coming straight at us is the most belligerently racist administration since the fall of the Third Reich. There is a difference though; this time, the government is racist against the majority population.

Tucker Carlson reports on Kristen Clarke, who has been chosen to run the powerful Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department:

In 1994, Clarke wrote a letter to The Harvard Crimson in her capacity as the president of the Black Students Association to explain her views on race science.

“Please use the following theories and observations to assist you in your search for truth regarding the genetic differences between Blacks and whites [sic],” Clarke wrote. “One: Dr Richard King reveals that the core of the human brain is the ‘locus coeruleus,’ which is a structure that is Black, because it contains large amounts of neuro-melanin, which is essential for its operation.

Tucker probably didn’t need to put “[sic]” after “Blacks and whites.” After all, that’s the way Associated Press said the capitalization should work, since Blacks deserve respect and whites do not, according to the official ideology of our ruling class.

“Two: Black infants sit, crawl and walk sooner than whites [sic]. Three: Carol Barnes notes that human mental processes are controlled by melanin — that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities.”

These superior abilities explain why Blacks produced the great civilization Wakanda, whereas all whites have to show for themselves is virtually every cultural and technological achievement worth noting over the past 2,000+ years.

“Four: Some scientists have revealed that most whites [sic] are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcified or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent [sic], Asians 15 to 25 percent [sic] and Europeans 60 to 80 percent [sic]. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between blacks and whites [sic].”

Don’t believe that this proves Blacks are better than you? Then you hate Science.

“Five: Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities — something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.”

That’s why the “Eurocentric” standards that produced civilization’s technological accomplishments are racist and must be abolished. The only meaningful standard is what leftists like Clarke feel to be true.

Like many black supremacists (e.g., Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson), Clarke appears to really have it in for Jews:

Clarke invited the noted Trinidadian anti-Semite Tony Martin to speak on campus. Martin, then a professor at Wellesley College, was the author of a self-published manifesto called “The Jewish Onslaught.” In it, Martin chronicled the “escalating Jewish onslaught” against Black people.

In his speech at Harvard, Martin…

…attacked both Jews and Judaism as a religion. Martin, who retired from Wellesley in 2007 and died in 2013, spent his final years giving speeches to Holocaust denial organizations on topics such as “tactics of organized Jewry in suppressing free speech.”

I doubt that defending free speech will be a priority for a Justice Department run by people like Clarke.

Here’s how Clarke described Martin:

“Professor Martin is an intelligent, well-versed Black intellectual who bases his information on indisputable fact.”

Clarke’s racial views are also based on indisputable fact. It is indisputable because if you dispute it, you will be denounced as a racist and canceled.

The liberal establishment looks out for its own. Wikipedia has locked the page for Kristin Clarke so that no one can add relevant information regarding her deranged but highly relevant racial views.

She has not left these views behind. As noted at Powerline,

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Clarke insisted that when employers hire people, skin color is highly relevant and should carry a “premium.” She even applied this rule to heart surgeons and airline pilots, jobs which have a direct impact on whether people live or die (see the video below at around the 2:30 mark). She called skin color “incredibly important” in making these hiring decisions.

We are told that there is nothing worse than a racist. Then we are positioned under the thumb of people who are racist against us.

Hat tip: Legal Insurrection.


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