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Apr 12 2020

Profiles in Tyranny: Gretchen Whitmer

The Wuhan coronavirus lockdown reminds us that tyranny is an end in itself. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer makes it obvious with Thursday’s conspicuously arbitrary souped-up stay home order:

State residents can’t travel to their Up North cottages, but Illinois residents who own one in Michigan apparently can.

In-store purchases of Michigan Lottery tickets are still permitted, but buying a can of paint or a bag of seeds is off limits.

Lottery funds Big Government. Planting seeds might help people feed themselves when they should be waiting patiently for government cheese.

Beginning Saturday morning, previously permitted travel between two Michigan residences will end, including jumping in the car to visit a friend, or even walking across the street to watch TV with a neighbor.

The doomsayer experts have been backing away from their earlier projections. Anthony Fauci’s predicted US death count is already down to 60,000. For perspective, 61,000 Americans died of the flu the winter before last, without anyone feeling the need to shut down the economy over it.

Yet petty tyrants clamp down ever harder, egged on by what they have already been able to get away with.

Whitmer wanted her draconian emergency declaration extended for 70 days. Fortunately, the legislature shot this down due to the extreme economic damage entailed, but it will still run through May 1.

Kung Flu apparently peaked out in Michigan back on April 3. But this isn’t about the virus anymore.

As Michigander Bob Wilke of Franklin puts it,

“Ms. Whitmer seems obsessed with power and gaining a position on the national stage and as a Democrat.”

It would be nice to think voters will hold officials accountable for what they have been doing to the country in the name COVID-19. Who knows? Maybe they will.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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