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Oct 24 2018

The Progressive Ruling Class Explained

Why is the progressive ruling class willing to destroy Western Civilization by using the infinite supply of needy Third Worlders to displace the population? Why do they despise our culture’s moral code?

Because it is not their culture.

The elite do not see themselves as American or German or European but as gods onto themselves. The ruin they leave after them is of no consequence, because they won’t be here to see it.

Black Pilled offers some insight into their mentality:

True enough, the progressive ruling class is expert at using people’s basic goodness as a weapon against them. An obvious current example is the shameless media campaign to make us feel guilty about the South American army marching on the southern border, so that we will not defend our country.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.

One Response to “The Progressive Ruling Class Explained”

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