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Jan 02 2020

Progressives Call for Abolition of Police

Just when you thought the Left could not get any crazier if it tried, moonbats have begun screeching that we must abolish the police. Via City Journal:

From the streets of Chicago to the city council of Seattle, and in the pages of academic journals ranging from the Cardozo Law Review to the Harvard Law Review and of mainstream publications from the Boston Review to Rolling Stone, advocates and activists are building a case not just to reform policing—viewed as an oppressive, violent, and racist institution—but to do away with it altogether. … “[A]bolish the police” is a concrete policy goal. The abolitionists want to dismantle municipal police departments and see “police officers disappearing from the streets.”

Why not? It has worked out great in Somalia and Baltimore.

Progressives view law enforcement as racist, oppressive of the poor, and a form of slavery. They argue that there would be no need of it if we established utopia through “peace circles and restorative justice programs.”

Police abolitionists believe that they stand at the vanguard of a new idea, but this strain of thought dates to the eighteenth-century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who believed that stripping away the corruptions of civilization would liberate the goodness of man.

Rousseau was a major intellectual influence on the French Revolution, the subsequent Reign of Terror, and every utopian dictatorship that followed throughout the world. To this day, liberals recite his rhetoric regarding Big Government constituting the Voice of the People.

No cops means no rules. Normally, liberals could never have enough rules. Why would incremental totalitarians want lawlessness on the streets?

There could be any number of possible reasons. Lawlessness facilitates and justifies government force. Tyrants are essentially criminals and consequently hesitate to use government against their colleagues. They want the State completely devoted to redistributing other people’s property without distractions. It is even possible some actually believe in liberal ideology, and see criminals as angelic victims of racism, capitalism, et cetera.

In any case, there is a term for the phenomenon: anarchotyranny. A textbook example of it is today’s Venezuela, where violent crime skyrockets while law-abiding citizens eat their pets because they are not allowed to earn an honest living under socialism. An incipient example is New York City.

Meanwhile, the Babylon Bee struggles to keep up with a satirical piece on Pete Buttigieg calling for the decriminalization of crime. Buttigieg has already called for the decriminalization of hard drugs, which would lead to consequences that the streets of Left Coast cities have already made obvious. Among Democrats, the America-loathing Buttigieg is passed off as a moderate.

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