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Oct 06 2019

Progressives Keep Pushing Drag Queen Story Hour

Multiple instances of deviants with convictions for sex crimes against children dressing up as drag queens to get access to kids at public libraries have come to light. You would think this would put an end to the grotesque drag queen story hour phenomenon. Yet progressives still embrace the concept, so it continues to spread.

Via Life Site News:

Billing himself as “Miss Richfield 1981,” Russ King is a drag artist who has previously been photographed in a sacrilegious pose, spread eagle on top of what looks like an altar beneath a large cross at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church in San Francisco.

King’s website and Facebook page display many disturbing photos of him dressed in garish clothing in exaggerated feminine poses, sometimes with nearly naked or naked men.

King is best known for a raunchy entertainment show entitled “Gender Fluids.”

No doubt because he is such a wholesome guy and positive role model, King was chosen to read stories to children at Augsburg Park Library in Richfield, Minnesota.

There he wore a short skirt and bent over to display his underwear to his audience of toddlers. The books he read unsurprisingly promote the LGBT agenda. One encourages children to “pledge allegiance to the Rainbow Flag — not the American flag.” The event was policed by three oversized women from the Richfield Social Justice Community to make sure no one made any trouble.

Rather than tone down these obscene events, liberal social engineers are ramping them up:

The Hennepin County Public Libraries plan 14 more “Stories Together with Drag Queen” events in the next month, where children can “celebrate self-expression, dress-up, and gender fluidity through stories, rhymes, music and movement with drag performers from our community.”

The push is not merely local:

[The] American Library Association (ALA) is working to not only promote DQSHs but to teach librarians and others how to sneak these events into libraries in rural or conservative jurisdictions.

But to give credit where due, Russ King has performed at least one constructive purpose. Here he warns people who are not eager to contract AIDS to steer clear of Palm Springs, California (aka Sodom in the Desert):

On tips from Dragon’s Lair and ABC of the ANC.

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