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Jan 09 2014

Promotion of Homosexuality Leads to Rise in Gonorrhea and Syphilis

The aggressive media/government campaign to erode decency and morality, specifically by promoting homosexuality, is having its effect on public health:

Gonorrhea and syphilis are on the rise in the U.S., mostly in men who have sex with men, a trend the government said is linked to inadequate testing among people stymied by homophobia and limited access to health care.

What an incredible sentence. The predictable consequences of a form of sexual depravity that has been systematically encouraged by the media and government are blamed by the media and government on “homophobia” — i.e., on opposition to the degeneracy that spreads the disease. For bonus points, they throw in the usual hint that the government needs to further increase its intrusion into the healthcare sector.

Gonorrhea was up 4% in 2012, syphilis was up 11%; no doubt AIDS and hepatitis are climbing even faster. Syphilis hit an all-time low in this country in 1999–2000, but that was before cultural Marxists focused on turning homosexuality into a civil rights crusade so as to obliterate any vestigial traces of Norman Rockwell America.

Why is it that we are wired to be repelled by the smell of sewage and rotting corpses? Because contact with sewage and rotting corpses is extremely hazardous to our health. Why is it that the sort of activities that go on in San Francisco bathhouses evoke revulsion in the vast majority of us, regardless of what the media tells us we should feel? Even liberal journalists could figure it out, if it wouldn’t be a thought crime.

Trust your gut reaction, not the governmedia.

On a tip from Ken.

18 Responses to “Promotion of Homosexuality Leads to Rise in Gonorrhea and Syphilis”

  1. Tchhht!!! says:

    Nooooo!!! Who would have thought?

  2. Mickey Shea says:

    Yeah, don’t blame the homos, blame the homophobes…
    Scotty please beam me up from this fucking planet I can’t take this shit anymore.

  3. yujin says:

    What?!! There are consequences in the world?!?! Somebody do something!!!1!1

  4. Mannard says:

    Let’s send all the Sodomites to North Korea

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    The rainbow freakos pay the price for their perverted lifestyles

  6. AIDS-Kills Fags Dead says:

    Rump rangers get what they deserve.

  7. Jimbo says:

    DUH!!!!!! Only stupid liberals can’t see truth. Liberals are too God d*mned STUPID to know they are suicidal.

  8. ODA315 says:

    “In other news…..loose bowel syndrome continues on the rise……..”

  9. Arrest all RINOs says:


    So who cares? Let them spread all kinds of painful diseases amongst themselves. It serves them right. All it took for me to avoid “unsafe contact” was one film about STDs in high school. If the queers ignore all the educational material about those sorts of things, then they get what they deserve.


  10. John Lewis says:

    Good! Glad to hear it. Syphilis is a serious disease, and as antibiotic-resistant strains develop and spread it will get worse.

    Most ordinary decent people outside the medical profession have no idea what it is like. Here is one image:

  11. unclelou says:

    May they all catch a case of this shit and die!!!

  12. grayjohn says:

    Homophobia is a bullshit word. Homo-nausea is what straight people suffer from. We don’t fear queers, we are sickened by their behavior.

  13. TED says:

    No one said there was a bottem of the slope either.

    There is no such word as Libraphobia, But there IS libra-nausea!!!

  14. Goldenfoxx says:

    Nature does have a plan for homo behavior. All these nasty STD’s are here because of deviant behavior. No sympathy coming from me.

  15. John in the Frozen North says:

    Anally Injected Death Serum anyone???

  16. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    ‘..stymied by homophobia’? Is our mainstream culture in Hollywood ‘stymied by homophobia’? Are our NEA schools ‘stymied by homophobia’? Is the msm media ‘stymied by homophobia’?
    If any group is ‘stymied’ it is conservative Christians ‘stymied by homophilia’.

  17. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    And obviously (from this article), Gonorrhea and syphilis actual numbers are much much higher but for being ‘stymied by homophobia’.

    In 2008, men who have sex with men (MSM) accounted for 63% of primary and secondary syphilis cases in the United States. So how his is it now? But we’re told “don’t judge…it’s in the Bible”.

  18. master of sinanju says:

    Pegon, the Bible also says, “judge ye righteous judgements..”

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