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Jun 16 2020

Protesters Desecrate, Topple Statue of Thomas Jefferson

If you are having a hard time figuring out what all the Black Lives Matter/Antifa rioting and mayhem are about, this sums it up nicely. From ultraliberal Portland:

Via the Blaze:

The incident occurred Sunday night after a Black Lives Matter rally was held at Jefferson High School, and now there are calls for the school to be renamed after someone other than the third president of United States.

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Along with George Washington and James Madison, this titan of liberty was one of the three primary Founding Fathers.

According to CBS News, “The Jefferson statue was the third to be taken down this weekend in Oregon alone: Two at the University of Oregon — the Pioneer Man and the Pioneer Mother — were taken down Saturday evening.”

The surface narrative of the “protests” is a farce. Systemic racism in law enforcement does not even exist. The Left’s pretexts are irrelevant. What we are witnessing is cultural genocide against American civilization.

Why is virtually no one in authority putting up resistance to this? Their refusal to defend our country from this scum is unconscionable.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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