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Oct 31 2018

Proud Boys Banned from Facebook

The purge continues. The Proud Boys have been banned from Facebook:

Facebook is banning accounts and groups associated with the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group linked to political violence in the US. Facebook has confirmed the move to TechCrunch, indicating that the group now meets the company’s definition of a hate organization or figure. The decision follows an incident that took place in New York earlier in October, where Proud Boys members were involved in a violent attack on protesters, and five members were arrested.

The scuffling in New York was initiated by Antifa thugs who showed up looking for trouble.

Antifa tactics work because the establishment is left-wing. This applies as much to Big Tech as it does to state and local government in places like New York and Portland.

Twitter has already banned the Proud Boys. That will teach them for going around in public wearing MAGA hats and worse yet saying that Western Civilization is good.

The Proud Boys have relied on Facebook for recruitment. They will have to find other means.

Everything to the right of center is being driven underground.

In the video below, founder Gavin McInnes tells us what the Proud Boys are about. Watch fast before YouTube bans it:

On a tip from Eddie_Valiant.

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