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Sep 12 2018

Public Education Features Cultural Marxism at Iowa High School

Public education isn’t completely useless. In schools run by moonbats, students acquire information that is useful in a wider society that is also run by moonbats. For example, in English class at John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, students learn the crucial basics of identity politics.

The first two things any student must learn in a society devoted to Cultural Marxism are (1) “What groups must I revere?” and (2) “What groups must I despise?”

As a study aid, below are partial lists of the answers, according to an actual handout from the class:

1. Those you must revere, because they are targets of oppression:

People of color; Poor, working class; Women, transgender people; Lesbian, gay, bisexual; People with disabilities; Non-Christian; Immigrant.

2. Those you must despise, because they do the oppressing:

White people; Middle, owning class; Men; Heterosexual people; People without disabilities; Christian; U.S.-born.

Click through to see sample assignments. The only point of them appears to be divisiveness for its own sake.

That’s what they teach in English class these days. Now you know why college English professors complain that incoming students “can’t write a clear sentence to save their lives.”

On a tip from Steve A.

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