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Sep 03 2017

Public Shaming: White and Christian Public School Students Forced to Stand and Apologize

This gives an idea of how intolerable the radicalization of public schools has gotten:

Amid a public uproar at a North Carolina school board meeting over far-left “equity training” for government-school teachers, allegations were made by furious parents that a teacher forced white and Christian students to stand up in class and apologize for their “privilege.”

According to local parent Farren Wilkinson, who testified at the Rockingham School Board on May 8, a teacher in the district, later identified as Tarsha Clarke, bullied and publicly humiliated students in her class.

This occurred at Western Rockingham Middle School. Wilkinson isn’t the only outraged parent.

Other parents quoted in media reports said white children were forced to apologize in front of the class for their “white privilege.”

Peer pressure is felt heavily in junior high. Kids that age are easy to shame. Consequently, this is how they are brainwashed with the notion that two of the most prominent characteristics of Western Civilization — Christianity and European ethnicity — are sins for which they must atone.

It doesn’t start in middle school:

After Wilkinson’s testimony, another parent, Robert Jeremy, who said he had a 9-year-old son, expressed outrage to the school board because of the racism, bigotry, and hate expressed by the teacher against the young child based on his “race,” Christian views, and heterosexuality.

Authorities denouncing 9-year-olds for their heterosexuality is actually conceivable in institutions run by liberals such as public schools.

Complaints forced the school to respond:

In a false statement riddled with spelling and grammar errors, school officials essentially accused the outraged parents of lying. “In regard to your additional requests, I can not [sic] speak on any individual, however any allegations brought to our attention are investigated thoroughly and proper disciplinary action is taken if needed,” said Stephanie Wray, principal at the school involved. “Again, I can not speak regarding specific individuals due to personnel law, however the particular incident you asked about was unfounded to happen at our school.”

Yet again we see that education is far too important to be entrusted to the government, let alone to moonbats.

On a tip from KirklesWorth.

43 Responses to “Public Shaming: White and Christian Public School Students Forced to Stand and Apologize”

  1. MAS says:

    Mom and dad it’s long past time to pull your children out of the government schools. Your patriotic duty, second only to your parental, should override the convenience of nanny state baby sitting. While I know that not all teachers agree with this union endorsed nonsense they are a part of the problem by omission.

  2. JackisBack says:

    She is a black bigot and her profile was still up on facebook lastnight

  3. Ron Noyfb says:

    Tarsha sounds like a nice middle class white girl. Teacher with an education degree that is worthless.

  4. hoagie111 says:

    There are no “middle class white girls” named Tarsha.

  5. hoagie111 says:

    You should go Google “white couple” and you won’t believe your eyes!

  6. Spiny Norman says:

    I think Ron’s being sarcastic. >_<

  7. Frank says:

    I’m afraid to try t! Dating and marrying outside one’s species is too unsettling!

  8. Richard Daniels says:

    Exactly. This is the very same tactic of the communists the world over. Just a different grievance. The desired outcome is the same however, disassociation of the culture they are attempting to overthrow.

  9. grayjohn says:

    I apologize to all people of color. I am sorry that you are not WHITE like me. It must really suck. GAZE UPON MY PRIVILEGE AND DESPAIR! I think my IQ dropped a couple of points just posting that idiocy. I understand now why people who do it on a daily basis are so damned stupid!

  10. J K Brown says:

    This may do more good than bad.

    I attended a Christian school in 8th grade. I broke the rules and gave another student piece of paper for a quiz. We were required to bring pen and paper so, it was an overt offense. We got in trouble, no biggie. But then, we were forced to pray and ask forgiveness. I said the words, but God and I had a very different conversation in my head on the order of “Can you believe this guy?”. I have to say, that that was a seminal event in opening my eyes to churches and churchgoers. Not God, Christianity or anything, but the organization and the people. True education cannot begin until the student realizes that their teacher is just a dumbass like everyone else. Then you start thinking for yourself and are skeptical of what you are being fed.

    A lot of students in this class got an education that day.

  11. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    When the power of the ballot is eliminated, the power of the bullet must be relied upon; the power of the pipebomb. If only a few hundred of these would-be genocidists would get to see the white of their own bones before being sent for true judgement at Christ’s feet, and the rest could clearly make the connection that promoting genocide against the Christian populations of the world and those of European Heritage – is really bad for their health and longevity.

    We have been brainwashed for far too long that “violence never solved anything.” As our enemies armed themselves, fomented the acceptance and promulgation of violence against us and imported tens of millions of violent savages whom we are told that we “must accept.” As “our” politicians surround themselves with military armed guards, as our overlords hire entire divisions of heavily armed guards and as they foment violence against us – we are told “violence never solved anything.”

    Heed their actions, their words are those of liars.

    The final piece of their genocidal plans went into place last night with the 6.0 earth quake rumbling across the Korean Peninsula, allegedly fitted atop a ICBM – and meant to form an EMP.

    Have we been so flooded with disinformation since 9/11 to not see the forest for the trees? 9/11 marked the creation of Homeland Security and the marking and herding of every American. What would a 100 kiloton EMP detonated over North America mark? The blowing out of the dying flame of American Liberty once and for all to the same people our overlords continue to mark for extermination. Our 1917 is nearly here.

  12. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Half the “google white couple” isn’t white.. and the kids aren;t at all – think there is a subliminal message being promoted by the Digital STASI?

  13. J K Brown says:

    “I apologize for my privileged and would like to take this opportunity to think Ms. Clarke for dispelling my belief that those who are not White, not male, not Christian or not heterosexual were my equals. I hereby commit myself to letting those without my privilege win, on occasion and pretend their successes are based on merit and equality.”

    Sure, you’re getting homeschooled after that, but let the school administrators try to obfuscate that.

  14. hoagie111 says:

    Yep, you captured it, THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084. Unbelievable isn’t it?

  15. hoagie111 says:

    Well, MAS, “not all” Germans were Nazi’s, “not all” Russians or Chinese were communists and not all teachers agree with this nonsense. But it is those who are not that allow those who are in their midst. The modern vernacular is *enabler*. I believe.

  16. magic1114 says:

    This shit’s gone WAY too far! Someone needs to put a stop to the tyrants in the classrooms before they ruin lives with their BS. My suggestion would be for any school district to allow parents to grill these assholes before they’re hired. Weed out the garbage before they get to the kids!

  17. aliswell says:

    The written response from the leftist programmers teachers reveals the children are being left in the hands of uneducated, leftist liars for more hours of the day than their parents who love them. These soul predators are their child’s worst enemy, why would they do that to their own child?

  18. Frank says:

    An estimated 90% of Americans would be dead within one year of a successful EMP attack. Mass deaths from starvation would begin after about 30 days. obama gave the iranians enough cash for them to pay for NOKO’s development of nuclear bombs and delivery systems.

  19. Frank says:

    The Latin root of education is educare, “to lead out.” The American “education” establishment is leading an entire generation out – into the wilderness.

  20. Frank says:

    I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to pay thorough the nose to support millions of societal parasites.

  21. grayjohn says:


  22. Ron Noyfb says:

    I was being sarcastic.

  23. ICEvictim says:

    Google “adjusting” the search results [much like the warmists “adjusting” the temperature data before publishing it]

  24. hoagie111 says:

    Sorry Buddy, I’m not used to your sarcasm yet. But I’ll get there. Thanks.

  25. Mack says:

    So stop it. You’re the voter. Vote. Showing up and gassing off at a school board meeting is irrelevant. VOTE.

  26. Mack says:

    Yes, but you wouldn’t show up. You don’t even vote in your local school board elections.

  27. magic1114 says:

    Well, we’ll see how your vote goes when you’re old enough to vote, junior…

  28. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    making us disappear digitally before they make us disappear physically and permanently

  29. Chi Huavara says:

    At what point do we say enough is enough, and demand that public education be abolished?

    #AbolishPublicEducation #SeparationOfEducationAndState

  30. Pyrran says:

    If I were that kid’s dad, I guess I might be apologising for punching Tarsha in the face.
    The literary expertise of the principal convinces me she must be a graduate of that same school. Color me not surprised.

  31. master of sinanju says:

    And yet the “outraged ” parents will STILL keep sending their kid to that school to be taught by a racist black bit(h! ( how do I know she is black? her stupid name!)

  32. master of sinanju says:

    On the bright side that would eliminate all the snowflakes and lazy blacks and whites. And the lefty loons morons on the west and east coasts

  33. Deplorable One says:

    Your comment provides its own answer. You state that the parents are the ones “who love them” [the kids]. Then you ask: How could the parents send their kids to such evil people to teach them?

    That’s precisely the point. These parents DON’T love their children really. They sacrifice them on the altar of government education because they want a bigger TV or a longer vacation or a newer car, or something else. They COULD make a sacrifice [hello] and send their kid to private school (or, even better, homeschool them). But NO…BOTH parents “HAVE TO” work, so homeschooling is out. And we can’t give up the latest TV, Car, Clothes, or Vacation, so private school is out. So the kids are forced to go to the nearby government school.

    In the end, it is THAT simple. The kids go to public school because the parents don’t truly love them. That’s the point.

    My [poor] parents had six children and all six of us went to PRIVATE Catholic schools for grades K-12. How? Because they LOVED us and made SACRIFICES for us. Fewer creature comforts and toys for them, but a MUCH better education and normal life for us, the children.

    It’s not rocket science. Good parents love their children and part of being a good parent is putting your child’s NEEDS before your own WANTS. Good parents have been making personal sacrifices to send their kids to private schools for decades. It’s so simple. Love is shown above all by SACRIFICE.

    And so I reassert: these parents who send their kids to public schools DON’T really love their children. Because they’re not willing to make sacrifices for their good. Period. Hell, I would live in a cardboard box and eat nothing but water and peanut butter if it meant my kids could go to the school that was best for them. And in fact I AM making considerable sacrifices myself for my children to be able to go to private schools and avoid the hell of government indoctrination.

    And btw this is one of my pet peeves about stereotypes of “private school” parents all being “rich snobs” who send their kids to private school because they are just SO rich and just SUCH movers and shakers in society. I can tell you from personal experience that that stereotype is OFTEN very untrue. Many people scrape and save every penny to send their kids to good private schools. They sacrifice themselves for their children’s well-being. So, for all the people out there who think the parents of private school kids are just “rich snobs”, just STFU. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    It really IS that simple, folks. Love = Sacrifice. Got Jesus? Got The Cross?

  34. aliswell says:

    Very well said, Deplorable One.

    I’ve been posting on this topic for several years now: Sending your children to government indoctrination centers is tantamount to child abuse.

  35. JTLiuzza says:

    They are radicalizing normally peaceful white people.

  36. Deplorable One says:

    Thank you. Agreed.

  37. hal8196 says:

    Evil works in incremental steps…..darkness is enveloping us…

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